Anti-Israel protesters kill the Christmas spirit at malls across Canada


During one of the busiest shopping times of the year, malls across Canada are finding their most central shopping areas being occupied by “pro-Palestine” protesters yelling anti-Israel chants.

On Saturday, Santa and his helpers were no match for an angry mob of such protesters, who terrified children who had come to sit on Santa’s knee in Ottawa’s Bayshore mall.

The shrill cries of little ones lined up to see the jolly man can be heard in footage surfacing on social media that captured the screaming chants and pounding on drums.

“If your kids are scared, imagine what the kids in Palestine feel,” one protester can be heard yelling at an apparent parent who tried to quiet the mob down.

At one point, Santa Claus looks almost just as horrified by the situation as a baby who had just been placed on his knee, as the protesters chant the currently trending falsehood that “Jesus was Palestinian.”

Burnaby, British Columbia faced a similar disturbance on Saturday in the Metropolis section of the province’s largest shopping centre called Metrotown.

Shoppers suddenly became engulfed by hundreds of protesters holding flags and signs with a broad array of messages, including calls for communism, a ceasefire to the Israel-Hamas war, and even for a historically violent “intifada revolution.

While the large group of hundreds of protesters disrupted consumer traffic for many Metrotown businesses, Indigo, Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Zara appeared to be the primary “boycott” targets of the organized takeover.

“We got locked inside Indigo… then got stuck in the parking lot for over an hour trying to get out,” one person claimed on X, in response to a post about the massive mall invasion.

“Pigs among Lions and their Cubs today at the Palestine Solidarity Rally that shut down Metrotown Mall, on stolen Indigenous lands in so-called Burnaby, BC,” a man wrote on X in regards to a video he shared of the protest.

Much like footage of the Bayshore Mall’s Santa this weekend, Burnaby RCMP officers could be seen looking helplessly outnumbered by the mob and potentially wishing reindeers would come back from their break to whisk them away from the situation at hand.

Shoppers in at least two different malls in Ontario were also subjected to such protesters’ wrath this past weekend, including inside Toronto’s Yorkdale Mall.

The major shopping centre’s Zara store was targeted both Friday and Saturday night by mostly masked protesters chanting accusations that Israel and the Spanish-owned retail company are committing genocide.

Protesters could also be seen raising one fist and heard chanting antisemitic chants such as “from the river to the sea” at times with the aid of megaphones.

Security guards were present but seemed at a loss for what would be the best way to stop the “pro-Palestine” protesters from stealing a bit of Christmas from the private centre’s shoppers.

“Don’t really care if you’re a pro-Israel or Palestine type of guy. If you’re shutting down high-traffic areas about an issue on the other side of the world, do me a favour and fly over there and fight there,” said an X user responding to footage of the Yorkdale Mall protest wrote.

Some Jewish groups against Israel’s response to the Hamas terrorist attack on October 7 and kidnapping of hundreds of hostages also joined in on the weekend’s mall invasion-style protests. Reports of approximately 100 protesters disrupting Toronto’s popular Eaton Centre on Friday afternoon are also circulating on social media.

The coalition groups of anti-Israel protesters could also be seen sitting down to block entrances of popular stores and flooding escalators.

At the time of writing this article, Rebel News is unaware of any of this past weekend’s mall occupiers having had their bank accounts seized by the federal government.

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