Alex Jones prepares for government shutdown of his operation, but says it will backfire –

Professor Jim Fetzer.


ALEX Jones, probably the most prominent figure in the the pushback against tyrannical globalism, is preparing for US authorities to shut down his 30-year-old alternative media operation. But Jones is facing the situation simply as a new challenge and believes the move will backfire on the deep state operatives pushing it.

The shutdown, of course, will be big news for starters, and Jones will play that situation. “I’ll stay here until they turn the lights out and tell me to leave,” he said on X this week. He believed an order from the courts could come as early as this week, but the actual shutdown could take up to four months.

Jones says he first made money on 27 years ago, but churned most of the money back into the platform, always knowing that at some stage in the future there would be censorship. The digital platform and radio audiences have blossomed into the millions, but as noted by Jones: “It’s not enough to just tell the truth. You’ve got to be hard to kill.”

Since the court actions by the families of the alleged Sandy Hook School victims, Jones has been driven into bankruptcy by insane defamation damages totaling $1.5 billion, made by a parade totally biased Democrat judges representing the same state-compliant judiciary that has been attempting to shut down Donald Trump.

By declaring bankruptcy, Jones was able to exercise the “automatic stay”, a provision under US law that pauses any legal actions being taken against someone who files for bankruptcy. This enabled Jones to retain control of Infowars for the time being.

Given the ridiculous damages rulings by the Connecticut court, it was not difficult for Jones to show bankruptcy with his own assets estimated to be worth between “$1m and $10m”. But now the bankruptcy court will sell off the Infowars hard assets to discharge some of the debt due to his alleged “intentional infliction of emotional distress” on the Sandy Hook families.

Jones was not the only alternative media figure to question the Sandy Hook mass shooting, which like other such events, appears to be laden with factual inconsistencies and contradictions and claims made around the event that are later proven false. This leads to allegations of black ops or psyops with political objectives.

Others challenging the official story include Professor Jim Fetzer, former schools investigator Wolfgang Halbig, researcher Sophia Smallstorm and James Tracy, a university journalism professor from Florida. Unfortunately for these people, facts, logic and evidence supporting their contentions mean little or nothing to a system that enforces rigid belief in certain narratives, especially those involving multiple deaths.

In the case of the 2014 Sandy Hook school shooting, the families of the alleged victims doubled down and went after those questioning and challenging the official narrative. The system was fully supportive of them. After all, how dare anyone question the death of a child in horrendous circumstances! These families were given between $23 million and $30 million in public donations in the months following the shooting.

Fetzer, who was ordered by a Wisconsin jury in 2019 to pay Sandy Hook father Leonard Pozner $450,000 in damages because Fetzer’s book “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” accused Pozner of falsifying the death certificate of his six-year-old son Noah, one of the alleged victims. Fetzer has appealed unsuccessfully and is attempting to take his case to the US Supreme Court.

Infowars’ parent company, Free Speech Systems, declared bankruptcy in July 2022, and Jones declared personal bankruptcy in a Texas court filing the following November. Infowars, however, continued to operate, staying afloat through sales of merchandise and health supplements. The programs were still going out to some 300 radio stations this year.

Jones says the globalist operation is at a dangerous point because their plans are falling apart. He says they think that what they’re doing to him means something to him. “It doesn’t. It means nothing. What they’re doing against me is a microcosm of what’s going on everywhere … this is a globalist attack on humanity.”

Jones said the illegal migrant invasion of the US was part of the globalist operation, but he didn’t condemn the people involved because they were victims of globalism themselves. “I’m proud to stand with people black, white or brown. I’m a human supremacist.”

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