You May Never Trust Another Celebrity After Watching This Video

You May Never Trust Another Celebrity After Watching This Video

By National Times Australia

Hundreds of thousands of innocent people of all age groups have died or been severely injured for life after listening to the advice of Hollywood celebrities, talk show hosts and politicians regarding the vaccine for covid 19. Should they be held liable for murder? Should they be held liable for aiding and abetting mass murder around the world from the deaths relating to the covid 19 vaccination? Should the CDC & the FDA been tried for murder? Should Dr Fauci & Bill Gates be tried for murder?

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EL the Almighty Lord God will have VENGEANCE on all the evil people and those who do not believe in him and repent.

They can take their F’ing “New Normal” and shove it up their asses — along with the needles that WON’T be used for my injections.

This is an OUTSTANDING video. Needs to be shared widely! Thank you for creating & posting!

These celebrities should all be jabbed for real (not pretend), then continue the jab program including boostets they intended for us… all the time while being in prison until dead!!

What a ridiculously stupid question. They all should be hanged without trial for crimes against humanity. But we have politicians now the don’t even hide their treasonous acts.. and none are being charged by elected prosecutors FBI or anyone else that has the authority to arrest and hold them accountable.and it will never happen cuz they’re all corrupt.

this is a small percentage of highly intelligent people that for some unexplained reason are promoting a concoction that is at the very least questionable but unquestionably could have permanent consequences I have many questions as to how a group of people can make this judgement without reasonable knowledge on the subject that they are promoting, to me I question is there some form of mass Brainwashing or Hypnotherapy that could answer this question that I have all avenues must be explored.

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