Whoa: Treasury Cash Collapses by $78 Billion IN ONE DAY

Whoa: Treasury Cash Collapses by $78 Billion IN ONE DAY

By Zerohedge

Whoa: Treasury Cash collapses by $78 billion IN ONE DAY. We won’t make it to mid-May at this rate.

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The Chosen One
It means the treasury runs out of money which in the past wasn’t a huge deal since it causes a government shutdown. In this case however with financial conditions it could cause a complete U.S. default on treasuries. That’s world ending

LMAO wow he just admits they never run out of money. I feel like this is one of those situations where it ACTUALLY is time to load up on physical silver, just because of this interview.

We all saw the news about hundreds of new IRS enforcement officers….they’ll raise the credit ceiling, send the money abroad, then come feel your pockets to cover the bill. Communism here we come baby.

It’s time to stop sending money to Ukraine. It’s not our fight and it’s breaking us.

Manic Contrarian
Money always seeks out its smartest use. Something to celebrate no reason to hyperventilate.

Bitcoin Is Freedom
Listen, we’ve been in a recession for over a year now. They changed the definition to make it appear as if we weren’t… and they kept spending money. Ukraine? That was basically the same thing as the rich people grabbing all their expensive shit before the titanic sank.

The Unstable States
Never seen a top country go through bankruptcy before. Wonder how this is going to play out.

Rachel Rivera
Looking at the deposits and withdraws chart for the past year it’s amazing how you can see daily the deposits are always way lower that the withdraws.

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