Who Is Next – By John Napper

Who Is Next – By John Napper

By Australian Free Independent Press Network

Who is Next – By John Napper

“A doctor on the Gold Coast just last weekend confirmed that reporting adverse reactions is way too time consuming. It can take up to 30 minutes per report so he just stopped. Many of his colleagues do the same. “We just don’t have that much time” he said.”

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Here’s what others had to say:

Kylie Vismer
Discusting and so disrespectful to the many people who’s lives and health have taken an unexpected turn for the worst and this is why our TGA figures are not showing a true representation of adverse events. This is only admission from one Dr, but have heard this so many times and these people and their reactions are being “brushed under the carpet” from both GP’s and Hospitals. Not good enough and Day of Reckoning will come, it always does! Love to all in the meantime xx❤

Barb Maloney-Reid
People need to self report. The medical fraternity aren’t doing it.

Jodie Sullivan
The doctors should be named, if they have stated that they don’t report it then name them!!

Marteen Millar
Can’t they get their secretaries to fill it out they confirm then sign???? Disgusting

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