What Is the ‘Bilderberg Group’? | Decoded

What Is the ‘Bilderberg Group’? | Decoded

By Al Jazeera English

Is there such a thing as the New World Order? Hollywood actor Amrwaked investigates whether the Bilderberg Group – a group of political and economic elites – is trying to control the world through capitalism.

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muneeb khan
For the last many months, Al-Jazeera has been uploading some unique information which most people are unaware of about people’s hidden secrets of their voice,choice, manipulation, conspiracy theories etc…

Shannon M.
It is hard to believe so many people do not know, or do not care about what is happening in our world. I was in shock to see how many people I viewed as strong, with integrity, simply give their power( even their body) away, and do what they are told by government. I couldn’t believe how easily controlled people were, qnd how easy it was for all their common sense to be completely disregarded. It is so very sad.

T Daneee
From a young age I used to watch movies about kings being horrible to everyone, including his own men and wondered, what’s stopping them from killing the king? I mean, the king is the leader, but if everyone else didn’t want him being ruler anymore, why not just get rid of him? I’ve always thought about this cuz there’s power in numbers and it all comes back to the illusion of power. People are only as powerful as the ones around them make them. Yes, now there are the very rich who can buy whoever and whatever they want, but to someone who values their own morals over money, they can’t control them so why not stop them? After all, they’re just 1 man controlling others to do what they want. I don’t know, just something I’ve always thought about. The movie A Bug’s Life character Hopper said it best when he described that 1 seed couldn’t hurt them, but many of them could. That the ants outnumbered the grasshoppers and if they let up their terror over them and let them realize they were actually stronger than them together, there goes their way of life. It applies now and always will. We the people will always be stronger together than the ones in power, but they do such a great job at keeping us divided and fighting with each other over race, political views, etc.. that we don’t look at the bigger picture. Sad we as people can’t realize we don’t have to live this way. People are just too scared to fight for what they believe in.

Janie Acutt
Great to see great journalists are still out there asking great questions.

Kudos to Amr Waked. Wonderful hosting of this exceptional episode. Love the insightful and thought-provoking content. Please continue the brilliant work!

I wish this was longer and more in depth with more interviews. The professor’s last line was spot on – They are powerful because they have convinced the masses that it must be this way.

Good question
I’ve been trying to make people aware of these people for over years, amazes me that nobody I’ve spoken to has even heard of it.

Emily W.
This was brilliant ! I say and watched it with 2 of my children.. I’m empowering them to make sure they don’t end up believing the bs that the world tries to feed them. Thank you..

leslie holman
This video was amazing and proved that my interspirit has been showing me the truth of what is going on in this world. The reason why these global elites are able to keep enslaving the vast majority is because everyone always says, when I try telling them what the global elites plan is, is that there’s nothing I can do about it so I just keep my head down and go on with my life. However it’s not what I or any single person can do but if the vast majority of people which would be about 7 1/2 billion people came together and stood up against the few thousand global elites we could destroy them in a week and then we could treat all of the people and nature with respect and get rid of government’s, leaders and money. All 3 of those things are the root of all evil.

Hope Cider
The socalled covid has proved actually how easy is to train certain groups of people. Even today when everything is finished, I see people wearing masks in their car driving with nobody else there. It fascinates me that people let others to control them over anything.

Do one on the members of the world economic forum and show everybody who’s been controlling this great reset ‘pandemic’

Kerry Stephens
Artistic. Really well done! I learned a lot and see how it was made to give each of us an opportunity to come to our own conclusions/further questions. Amr was fantastic!

Peter Kinberger
This is a very good and honest review of what is going on with the Bilderberg group. The video itself is so unique in presentation and the spokesman has a very great personality. I look forward to seeing more of this man and his viewpoints. Thank you very much for allowing me to watch this production. A friend always !

Xavierpaida Mhosva
Off-late, Al-Jazeera has been uploading quite insightful content, informative, revealing and yet relevant.
The gentleman narrating these episodes is an expert. It simple and easy to understand.
Awesome work!

Vlad Akhtyrskiy
I really like the style and the rhythm in these episodes, they are supporting the clear and explained message or opinion. Thank You very much to the entire Team! Great work! And useful information!

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