We’ve Been Banned From YouTube… but We’re Fighting Back

We’ve Been Banned From YouTube… but We’re Fighting Back

By Den Hugh

We’ve Been Banned from YouTube… But We’re Fighting Back.

Hey everyone,
Some of you have recently been asking me about what happened to my YouTube channel.

It has, in fact, been deleted- for citing official CDC data. Once again, tech lords have decided which facts are acceptable on their platforms…. and what is not.

The removal of my channel comes as no surprise. While huge tech companies have masqueraded as noble “protectors” of content and communities, it’s no secret that they have been censoring for years, and have clearly moved onto widespread removal of content that doesn’t match their preferred propaganda.

However, I am not alone in fighting back… and neither are you!

We no longer need these stifling corporations dictating our words, thoughts or ideas, because we have built something superior: Sovren, launching October 25th, 2021.

Sovren (formerly known as ISE) is a video content streaming and social media platform that will provide quality, premium video that we will be able to enjoy once again without the worry of censorship.

It will also provide social spaces for users to truly interact and engage, and have free discussion.

And unlike other platforms, Sovren will not rely on technology from Apple, Google, or Amazon- we are building a revolutionary community that leaves big tech completely behind.

Come join us as we continue to grow! Visit Sovren to learn more and reserve your username now: https://www.sovren.media/

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