US Gun Maker Designs Handgun That Resembles Lego Toy

US Gun Maker Designs Handgun That Resembles Lego Toy

By Jack Mahony

A US gun maker has created a pistol that looks like it’s a toy gun made from Lego blocks.

Lego has sent the Utah-based Culper Precision a letter demanding them to stop production of the deadly Lego lookalike.

“Our organization reached out to Lego, which then sent a cease and desist letter to the reckless gun maker,” said Shannon Watts, founder of the group Moms Demand Action, which advocates for stricter gun control, ABC reported.

The “Block19” which it has been named – similar to the Glock19 handgun – has been on the market for between $549USD and $765USD.

“We built Block19 to create an opportunity to talk about the enjoyment of the shooting sports and the joy that can only be found in marksmanship practice and training,” Culper Precision wrote in a statement.

Ms Watts told the Washington Post when she first saw the gun, she thought it was “sick and children would die”.

Last year 142 people died from accidental shootings by young people, the Moms Demand Action group said.

Culper Precision said they built the gun to educate people about the uses of guns and to prove they weren’t just for law enforcement.

“We built block19 to show all these new firearms owners that guns are not JUST for Law Enforcement and current or former Military, or the types that are prone to overt bravado… guns are for EVERYONE,” Culper Precision wrote.

“We want to be the first to welcome new firearms owners from any personality type or political affiliation, if you own a firearm, you are our friend.”

In response to the cease and desist letter from Lego, Culper Precision’s chief executive Brandon Scott told the Washington Post it had decided to comply after selling less than 20 Block19s.

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