These People Want To Lie to You. They Know They’re Lying to You

These People Want To Lie to You. They Know They’re Lying to You

By Darwin National Review

These people WANT to lie to you. They know they’re lying to you.

Here’s what others had to say:

Bryce Trumble
In my 80 years, I and we have watched other countries taken down by these methods. I never thought I would see the U. S fall in my lifetime. It’s here. The second amendment may be our only hope, millions of armed citizens who won’t stand for it!

MC Nguyen
Looks like censorship is applied to those who speak the truth only. How sad!

Tracy Seacat
We know exactly what their fact checks mean. It’s always the truth, the truth they don’t want people to see!

Scott Lang
A similar bill was put to parliment here in Victoria Australia…..but it went even further….attempting to give power to detain to designated ordinary citizens, who were not health officers. It meant that the government could give detaining power to practically anybody it chose to. And, power to detain simply by the “assumption” that a person “may” pose a health risk…..very dangerous it was…..and the bill did not pass in that form, but had to be heavily ammended…..thank God!!

Greg Van Gelder
We all know if you get a “fact check” it just means your telling the truth. Wear it like a badge of honor.

Jamie Beasley
You doing a good job Liz hang in there and keep telling the truth and keep exposing those liar’s. By the way I still wander who’s checking the fact checkers. Now I know it’s you! Great work!

Sarah Rosa Hutson
So if you could have isolated the first few cases of covid and have prevented a pandemic you wouldn’t do it?
Person enters America with Ebola….‘it’s my right to hug everyone and go to a music festival’ even if it gives everyone I meet a DEADLY DISEASE. L.O.G.I.C.A.L.
If Joe Bloggs is diagnosed with covid and is sensible about it and stays at home then there is no problem. If Joe Bloggs decides to be a dick a go walk around a busy supermarket then quite frankly then yes, they’re a risk to society.

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