The Truth About Andrew Tate

The Truth About Andrew Tate

By Chris Black

So-called influencer and certified woman hater Andrew Tate is so dumb that he doxxed himself in a video responding to Greta Thunberg, showing a pizza box proving he was in Romania.

Tate got arrested for human trafficking and he’s also facing weapons’ charges.

He’s done.

He also literally bragged at some point about being a human trafficker.

He f**ked up

He held two girls hostage

One was Romanian, one was American.

Here’s the deal:

>Be human garbage

>Learn MMA

>Fight poorly but meet people

>Human traffic for some of them

>Establish “Self Help” Guru persona

>Launder money from trafficking through bullshit e-celeb business

>Buy access to several celebrities to pass yourself off as one

>Internet wonders where the fuck you came from

>System sees you for what you are and promotes you while investigating you

>Become popular and brazen with persona as system tightens the noose

>Pop off at the mouth and get shutdown by systems number one mouthpiece

>Romania tasked with taking out the trash

Even if Andrew Tate is innocent of his sex trafficking charges, the nihilism and cruelty of the character he plays on the internet will see that a jury will convict him anyway.

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