The Plan to Save the World

The Plan to Save the World

By Phil Godlewski 2.0


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Thank you Phil for sharing this video. I have seen in numerous times – but each time I was at a different stage of my Awakening. Now being fully awake the depth of depravity on the Cabal side is incomprehensible and the lengths to which the White Hats have gone to, to insure the Plan continues to completion. All glory to God for this Plan for for helping you and the Digital Soldiers and Anons to guide us through the storm. I know even the most awake of us are not totally ready for all the evil to be released, but I know we are ready for the truth to be shown. I have continued to pray over you and your family, for I know God has a special place for you in His heart. Godspeed my good and faithful warrior. The Best Is Yet To Come.

Sad but Truth! Nothing can stop what’s coming! We will all be ok! God wins!

The ultimate red pill video that i will show to those who have shut the door to the truth. This video, even before the Cabal series.

still believe Trump is coming back before the 4th of July?

I’m going to try to be nice here! you people that follow this guy, are nuts!first of all he has no Intel, he’s making it up as he goes, tell me one thing major that has come to pass that he predicted? remember ” get off the streets”? remember Trump would be back on the 4th? and so many more, We are all suffering through this mess, high food and gas prices etc.. But not this guy, everytime he does a live or posts pictures he’s out running around in fancy car, building a new house, on vacation I’m Mexico, on your dime! this man doesn’t work, he has at least 20 channels under others names, like Snowden, does anyone realize how much money this guy makes off his BS? example, Dr Ward makes at least 1 million dollars a month off of his BD channels, and this guy said it himself, “I’m a marketing genius” he runs a pyramid scheme that many have got roped into! and what have you gotten in return? NOTHING! times are hard, stop giving your hard earned money to grifters!

Well, Philip followers, here we are. It’s July 4th at approximately 10:40 PM, EDT.
Trump is not back.
How many times did you hear Philip say that he would be back? Philip sounded pretty confident, didn’t he? Remember how many other dates Philip told you that Trump would be back?
The question is: Do you still believe his ‘intel’ and is he still credible in your eyes, and why? We’d really like to know if, after everything he’s done and said, (and now, this) you still think that whatever he tells you is the truth.

Phil is absolutely full of shit. I was sucked into his narcissism too. If people still follow him after this last fallacy then they need to blame themselves.

Hey, Philip. It’s July 4. The only thing you’ve spewed today is a scam ad, a gofundme and fake childish “comms.” Where is Trump? You told all your followers to hang on til the 4th. Tick tock, Philip.

Well, June is over and nothing. This is getting so old, I am so sick of waiting. There are times I have to wonder. Are we the ones that are brainwashed for believing that all this was going to come to an end. I hate thinking this way because I so badly want, justice to come to those that deserve it, and for the downfall of our country to end. It is all getting so old, and I am getting so tired of waiting.

Old Phil cancelling his LIVE because, once again, his claims didn’t come true. June ended, no Trump. How many times will people let him deceive them? I have never witnessed such a narcissist with such an exaggerated sense of self.

Nothing happens as usual. Guess you’ll show up when you have more bs to shovel. Got to screw more ppl so you can build those houses right! I’m sure you’ll be back when you think of something right Mr. Cabal..

So Phil said he “WAS TOLD” to cancel live l;ast night but he is on TG showing off his new dog and that they are traveling.. HAHA WOW so were you told not to go live or did you not go live because you earned enough money from patriots to travel to another state to buy a dash hound?? So you of course weren’t around to do a live??

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