Situation Update, Jan 20, 2023 – Biosphere Destruction Reaching EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT (ELE) Feat. Dane Wigington

Situation Update, Jan 20, 2023 – Biosphere Destruction Reaching EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT (ELE) Feat. Dane Wigington

By Health Ranger Report

0:00 Geoengineering

3:00 Alec Baldwin

8:59 Food Prices

13:35 Glyphosate Damage

19:02 Electric Cars

22:25 ATF Gun Control

25:32 Biden Regime

30:15 Genesis Collapse

30:55 BASF

38:15 Preparedness Mysteries

40:10 Dane Wigington

– Dane Wigington from #Geoengineering Watch joins Mike Adams to discuss attacks on the biosphere

– Weaponization of weather systems to steer storms and rainfall

– Nearly 200 US patents now exist on weather control tech

– How weather weaponization causes crop failures, food scarcity and starvation

– New ground-based laser system directs lightning strikes to intended targets

– Wall Street Journal now reporting on weather control tech

– Why Alec Baldwin should NOT go to jail over “Rust” shooting

– Campbell’s tomato soup prices indicate insane currency devaluation

– #Glyphosate exposure found to cause oxidative stress and cancer

– Overweight electric cars may cause parking structures to collapse

– Rep. Matt Gaetz introduces bill to abolish the ATF

– Joe Biden is pushing us into WWIII by wanting to help #Ukraine attack Crimea

– #Crypto giant Genesis prepares to file for bankruptcy

Here’s what others had to say:

Look under a brick or rock, no bugs. Look at streetlights at night when it’s warm, almost no bugs. Just 10 years ago there were swarms around lights, not now. Obviously, things are changing fast, start growing your own food now.

Jesus said that if he did not shorten the days of his coming, NO flesh would be saved.

i disagree with your stand on consequences on Alec Baldwin, if anyone else (no matter past behavior) had done the same thing (even by accident) they would be sent to prison to “pay for their crimes”. while the man has not killed anyone before (to our knowledge), letting him escape prison as a high profile person will only give other’s the thought “the famous people get away with murder” – not something i condone. i do agree he should pay a large fine for this crime on top of prison.

Linda Hewett
If you don’t know Jesus, very soon and I mean very soon would be a good time to get to know Him. At the rapid pace they are destroying the world, we may all stand before our Maker sooner than we think….

Star Letty
I agree they are trying to take over Russia and put all the blame on Russia.

I disagree with your assessment on prison. Prison is meant to be punishment in order to modify behavior. Punishment in order to work, must be so intolerable a condition that the person being punished never commits the behavior that warranted prison sentence again.

I would encourage you to hear the great John Schneider of the Dukes of Hazards take on the Alec Baldwin issue he has some very interesting perspective.

Baldwin committed murder and Prison is not a vengence tool, it’s a correctional facility. Baldwin broke the law and must face a jury of his peers to determine his fate. Remember we have patriots locked up by Pelosi for protesting tyranny…

It is interesting to note that the woman killed by Alec Baldwin was married to one of Hillary Clinton’s lawyers?? Could it have been a warning to the attorney to keep quiet about what he knows??

I want to feel angry about what is being done to us, but all I feel is deep sadness about how our own denial and separation led us to where we are now. Denial of our power and separation from source. It’s as if the collective psyche has been put into a dark sleep, so that some overarching force can experience extremes of that darkness. In any case, we consented to it. I believe the pendulum will swing eventually. Maybe then we’ll realize we have the power to create heaven instead of hell, individually and collectively. Have to have faith.

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