Situation Update, Feb 13, 2023 – SKY WARS: Fake Alien Invasion Psyop Being Tested on Suggestible Americans

Situation Update, Feb 13, 2023 – SKY WARS: Fake Alien Invasion Psyop Being Tested on Suggestible Americans

By Health Ranger Report

0:00 Intro

4:00 Disney

7:56 Sky Wars

50:20 Hillary Clinton

55:45 Turkey

1:08:17 Martin Armstrong

– What if Star Wars went totally woke? TRANS WARS

– Luke, I am your MOTHER

– Bad lip reading of Yoda and Luke

– Why Project Veritas is nothing without James O’Keefe

– FOUR objects shot down over North America

– The latest appear to be metallic birthday balloons

– US and Canadian military use million-dollar missiles to destroy five dollar balloons

– Why is controlled media pushing the alien craft theory?

– Looks like a test for a false flag alien invasion psyop

– Psyop would be used to demand one world government authority

– One object reported to be an OCTAGON – a code word used by globalists

– Benjamin Fulford reported on the Octagon Group from Switzerland in 2020

– Globalists use words, numbers and symbols to communicate through public channels

– Germany donates 88 Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine: 88 means “Heil Hitler”

– Germany still run by Nazi fascists, as is most of Western Europe and North America

– Romanian Senator condemns mass genocide via vaccines and says Turkey earthquake was man-made

– Hillary Clinton partners with Rockefellers to push digital cash to “fight climate change”

– Mass murdering CDC adds covid-19 vaccines to childhood immunization schedule

Here’s what others had to say:

-Josh Noss-
The average intelligence of the general populous has absolutely fallen off a cliff in the last 10yrs.. people may have “skills” but they have ZERO general sense.

Not so much intelligence, but common sense, there is very little logic in modern thinking.

What I see is that the true threats are the NGOs. The Rockefeller foundation, Carnegie foundation, CFR, WEF, Open Society,etc. Those orgs have no authority of their own, only money and influence. Those orgs and people are who we need to defeat.

Biden and Trudeau fighting Aliens! There’s a team for you! The clown show reachs new heights of entertainment. All dutifully reported by CNN, the clown news network.

Texas Bill
Don’t understand why Mike isn’t impressed. At first NORAD didn’t shoot down the balloon until off shore near S. Carolina. But now 4 balloons destroyed without any loss. NORAD should get an extra $100 billion!

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