Saar Wilf, Founder of Rootclaim, Has Accepted My $1M Bet… But Only for $500K

Saar Wilf, Founder of Rootclaim, Has Accepted My $1M Bet… But Only for $500K

By Steve Kirsch

I’m still looking for someone to put up another $500K against me. Any takers? Who wants to be a millionaire? Retsef Levi’s announcement is also mentioned.

Saar Wilf is a tech company founder. He’s the real deal.

Executive summary

Saar Wilf is the only guy in the world who is confident enough that the vaccines have saved lives that he’s willing to risk his money that he’s right.

All the other folks are willing to risk your life, but not their money that they are right.

What does that tell you?


Saar Wilf, the founder and Chairman of Rootclaim, thinks the COVID vaccines are a good idea and have saved more lives than they cost.

He’s also a poker player too. He sold his company to eBay for $169M so he’s a serious player. I like that.

He’s the first guy in the world willing to put his money where his mouth is! Good for him!

Not a single doctor was willing to risk a dime. What does that tell you?

We spent a little over a month negotiating the bet term sheet which has now been fully executed by both parties. GAME ON!!!

But I wanted to get $1M out of this bet because once he loses, I won’t be able to do this bet any more.

Is there anyone else in the entire world willing to put up the remaining $500K so we can make this a $1M bet?

Isn’t it odd that doctors are willing to risk your life telling you to get a vaccine that is likely to kill you, but when it comes to risking THEIR money, they won’t risk anything? Think about it.

That was the whole point of the bet. To show that doctors will happily gamble with your life, but not risk losing their money.

And Saar isn’t even a doctor!

Come on folks… Surely there must be one doctor in the world who believes the vaccines are safe and effective and is willing to risk $500K that they are right?

How about Bill Gates? Pfizer? Moderna? Anyone!?!?! Hello??!?!?!

Heck, even Bill Gates is now backpedaling, finally admitting that the vaccines actually don’t work like they said they did.

Now, you’d have thought that if they really believed the vaccines worked, everyone would have been jumping at this bet. But nobody is.

That’s all you need to know, isn’t it?

MIT Professor calls for halt to mRNA vaccines

And check out this call for the vaccines to be halted by MIT Professor Retsef Levi.

Also, check out my latest proof (using a method no one has used before) that the vaccines are shortening the lifespan of EVERY SINGLE AGE GROUP. I’m pretty sure it’s infallible (none of my experts have shown it is flawed yet…).

Who do you think will win the bet?

I have a team of 21 people assembling evidence for me.

Want to help us win?

Send us your most compelling piece of evidence that the vaccines have increased all cause mortality or decreased all-cause mortality in the US.

We can use both types of evidence (pro and con) so we can prepare in advance what we might be up against.

And this is not about me winning. This is about our narrative winning the debate.

We finally have a real high stakes debate.


The fact that not a single person in the entire world (including the drug companies) will bet me $1M that the vaccines saved lives is pretty much all you need to know.

If the vaccines really worked, everyone would jump at the chance to double their money. But nobody is jumping at taking my $1M. Hmm…I wonder why??

Only Saar is willing to take a monetary risk, but only for $500K.

Doctors are fine risking your life taking these vaccines. But when it comes to risking their money… well NFW!

Look, if none of these people are willing to risk $1M that the drug works, what are you doing risking your life that they are right?

Get it? Risking your life is not a problem for them. They have full liability protection till the end of time and you don’t. If your doctor gives you the shot and you die, shame on you; the doctor isn’t liable. That’s just the way it goes in America today.

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