Professor Ian Brighthope—This Is the Health Advice We Should Be Listening To

Professor Ian Brighthope—This Is the Health Advice We Should Be Listening To

By Reignite Democracy Australia


Ian Brighthope says we could be out of the so-called crisis in 6 weeks.
I wish our Premiers would give press conferences on the importance of vitamin D, C and Zinc, along with how to make healthy lifestyle choices that strengthen our immune system.

I wish they would give us hope, instead of only giving us fear.
Lack of these vitamins can result in depression, stress and an overall weaker immune system.

Here’s what others had to say:

Another excellent interview with a highly qualified and capable M.D who is clearly not beholden to any drug company pushing an agenda. I have already forwarded this onto all my friends to see. Thank you both so much for getting this massively valuable information out to all Australians who will listen to some truth. keep up the great work at RDA! Awesome Aussies you all are. John

The only thing we need from government is for them to get the hell out of our way.

I disagree Professor, our “leaders” know EXACTLY what they’re doing.

Wonderful interview with a great man whom I admire. I looked up some of the CHOs. Dr Kerry Chant practised for 4 years only before moving into health administration with the NSW health department. Dr Brett Sutton had about 12 years experience including as director of an ED (more paperwork perhaps than being on the floor) but no direct pandemic management experience as far as I can see. The problem with Brett Sutton, Victoria’s Chief Health …
Most of us are not aware that the esteemed Prof. Brett Sutton is a Public Health Masters graduate from James Cook University (#462 in QS Rankings). Brett Sutton does not have a PhD. For an academic or clinician with “an international reputation” in his field, Prof. Sutton has a relatively poor and frankly noncompetitive track record in academic circles. Dr Jeanette Young apparently practised for 5 and a half years before moving into medical administration. And yet, none of these ‘doctors’ will listen to experienced and/or practising physicians like Dr Brighthope. It is certainly time for a shake-up of the ‘Disease Industry’. It is also time that these unelected bureaucrats stopped running (and ruining) our lives.

Blind faith and trust in the the authorities to do the right thing is highly questionable…. even thinking there is actually a pandemic based on the fraudulent claims from the WHO and a dodgy PCR test that they’ve changed the cycles of to produce more ‘positives’ to prop up the numbers is another recipe to be deceived. Our leaders are following a dark cabal playbook and must be exposed.

Excellent interview and I wholeheartedly agree with this wise gentleman. Just how our media, including our ABC who really have let us all down, almost all politicians and medical “experts” and of course as a result our general population have not heard this information in the context it deserves to be heard in by now beggars belief. Just how many of the people made sick by this virus so far could have been spared their illness nobody will ever know, but I would wager the vast majority would have dodged their illness with a simple dose of the correct information followed by some inexpensive supplements. Censorship of this life saving information is indeed a disgrace professor. Shame Australia, shame!

With all the cases on the east coast right now, wouldn’t it make sense to trial this and other treatments to measure effectiveness?

Great interview Monica. Many thanks to Professor Brighthope for refusing to be censored.

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