Our Media Has Completely Silenced Any Person Going Against the Agenda

Our Media Has Completely Silenced Any Person Going Against the Agenda

By Jaedos Cürtis

For my friends overseas- I know your media won’t talk about us.

I am currently living in Sydney, Australia. I haven’t really been able to leave my home in over 2 months, not even for groceries as last time I was attacked and threatened to have the police called (I refuse to deprive my body of oxygen).

As per the government- only one person is allowed to go shopping and we have been advised not to engage in conversation or make eye contact with others. All of the parks are blocked off so the kids can’t play.

If I wanted to exercise, I must carry ID, wear a mask and it is limited for 1 hour a day within a 5km radius from my home. The gym within my facility is closed as per the landlord, who refuses to drop my rent despite blocking access to all facilities including the OPEN AIR rooftop pools.

All of the restaurants are open for takeaway only, well the ones remaining anyway. A lot of businesses were or will be unable to financially make it through, and the workplaces that are deemed “essential” are now having mandatory jab requirements.

The kids have been out of school for a long time, and our suicide rates (especially the teenagers) are at an all-time high. Surpassing any deaths of the virus.

Our media has completely silenced any person going against the agenda. Many of our freedom fighters have been arrested and one remains in prison right now.

When we protest, the police shoot rubber bullets causing serious bodily harm and pepper spray children as young as 10 years old. This is only if they do not completely blockade the city first so that we are unable to protest to start with.

The military have been deployed to assist with these “measures”. And large investigations are underway using the Australian intelligence toward the public and their social media accounts- $11,000 fines for speaking against the agenda and with new authority to take them over and do as they please.

We have police checks leaving the city and now require travel passes. My family lives hours away and I fear I will never see them again. We are also not allowed to enter other states of our country.

In some states they have changed the laws to be able to take your children and place them into the many quarantine camps they have been building which is ran using the force of the police and/or military.

And recently they gathered the kids into a stadium with no parents allowed to get injected. Kids died. The news wouldn’t talk about it. They told me about the 90 year old who died from “rona” though.

The government also changed the law to give foreign militaries immunity on our soil.

The police and media shame any person who tries to fight for freedom by slandering them in the newspapers and all over social media, and slowly they are turning the compliant against the resistant through brainwashing and manipulation techniques.

This country has fallen. And week by week new measures come into force. The worst part is most of the population have not even realised we have fallen yet.

Most people do not want to do anything about it, not even the parents for their own offspring.

If other places in the world have not realised this is how bad it will get… they are so wrong. We got here because of a compliant and lazy public.

You need to do something about this NOW or you WILL reach a point where it is too late to come back.

My question is if we were the country that people would run to for safety- where do we seek asylum now? This place is shit.

Here’s what others had to say:

Jake Downtong
When you put it all together like that 😞 we are in a mess

Lee Jones
Respect to you and all the other Aussie freedom fighters,these tyrannical dictator puppets will never break us,sending you love from the uk.

Len Hills
We’ve become a weak and pathetic lot eh. When we don’t even fight for our right to breathe fresh air.

Kathleen Marie Collyer
sectioned after a suicide attempt, recommended stillnox from the head dr at prince of wales randwick as “long as i don’t have a balcony as people have fallen off using this medication” well that was super helpful.

Cameron Smith
110% agree. This country has gone to shit.

Afira Memon
.. I can’t imagine many other countries giving a toss if they were advised not to talk to each other.. !!

Analia Cutro
Very well said….and I was thinking the same.

Joseph Rattan
We are running out of time to fight back !!!

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