“Noble” Lies and Liars

“Noble” Lies and Liars

By USA Tomorrow

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Char Davidson
Love you Doctor. Wish i could bote for you but i live in Florida. Thank God we have a great Governor here. Please please be careful, you are up against some really nasty people. I pray to God every night for your safety. God bless!

Terry Peterson
I love you and I’m in Texas!!! You are a great Dr and Patriot!! Thank you for standing up and not backing down!! If only we had more Drs like you!!

Louise McElhill
Thank you for being brave and speaking out. Although I’m in Western Canada, it still comforts me to hear your voice. Good luck in your endeavors.

Johanna Penz
Thank you for your courage and honesty. The world needs more people like you.

Sandra Dewberry Jeanneret
Glad to see you finally getting angry and showing it!
Thank you for always presenting your opinion respectfully and clearly…
The whole covid thing is smoke and mirrors and the stupid jab is another step toward control and compliance..on our way to one world order..we better wake the hell up and fast!

Betsy Kelly
Scott, you are so right on! I have been behind you 100% ever since you first started speaking up. God bless you for your courage and conviction.

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