Most People Don’t Even Realize What’s Coming | Edward Snowden (2021)

Most People Don’t Even Realize What’s Coming | Edward Snowden (2021)

By Inner Vision

Edward Snowden explains how the government is taking advantage of it’s people, stealing their information and storing it in a secret data center. Edward Snowden tells all about his experience working at the CIA, NSA, FBI and the government as a contractor. Edward Snowden further explains that we need to take action against mass surveillance against the American people. This is a motivational and educational video which will give you different perspective about many things, You will listen to incredible advice that is very important.

Here’s what others had to say:

The US government may not be. But we, the people, are WITH YOU Snowden!!!

Concerned Citizen
Edward Snowden should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize… every year, for the next 50 years. Minimum.

Joseaf Macal
Thanks for coming out and telling us what really is going on.

Ric Wilmot
Fight the good fight, We the People stand with you.

People didnt believe him either and now everything he said has come true

“The price good man pay for indifference affairs to public is to be ruled by evil man.”- Plato

Tomasnok Echtes Leder
Some groups work together to keep the evil wheel turning. And everybody knows who they are and how they operate. They work in the occult, in the Discreet.

Terry Lawrence
Edward Snowden you are the perfect example of excellence and honour Sir…keep safe 🙏 and may God Bless you 🙏 😊 I read a book by a Swami Rama long ago…an enlightened master was going to be travelling on a train where he worked.. he yelled out thro the throng of devotees Master give me some advice.. the master yelled back “speak the truth for 3 months”… he lost his job as he and the other people working with him were stealing from their work… his wife and family.. friends all walked off leaving him penniless and alone… one day he was sitting under a tree 🌳 when a man approached saying he was from IRD he had thousands of dollars owing to him… that was exactly 3months to the day… his wife and friends returned.. he gave the money to his wife and left to follow the master to become a devotee… Bless you for your honesty Sir

Edvard. Why don’t you make a program where people can connect through the web? Thats all we need. We need servers owned by trusted people. Or even better.comunication aplications where the coversations are with no servers. You are a programmer right? Or you have 1000 000s of people listning to you. I tryed to build such comunication system. But i suck at programming.. and yes. It is time to have something else then facebook. People really deserve it.

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