KANYE WEST: “I Went from Billionaire to not Being able to Use My ApplePlay”

KANYE WEST: “I Went from Billionaire to not Being able to Use My ApplePlay”

“I went from being a multi billionaire to not being able to use my ApplePay ”

“It can happen to all Americans for saying the wrong idea out loud”

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Here’s what others had to say:

This is why we need Bitcoin.

Bitcoin only good for buying drugs on telegram and that about it.

It really is, in this instance cus they really tried to disgrace him on all levels.

Ronnie RedMann
Freedom of speech not free any more.

Chron GD
it shouldn’t be this dangerous for a black man to talk.

Wake up and pay attention, it would appear that freedom of speech is conditional. Think about that.

Freedom of speech has always been conditional. You have the freedom to say what you want but if you threaten someone you can go to jail. Especially someone in high power like the president. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom of consequence.

REDacted Law of Large Numbers
Freedom of speech is not freedom from consequences.
It means the govt isn’t locking him up.
Apple is a private company can do what they want.
Also there are TPM restrictions within the 1st amendment but y’all don’t want to hear about those either…

So if I say something rude or hurtful or something you don’t agree with I deserve to have my bank accounts locked and stripped from me? Got it, America isn’t free.

Funny how so many great men in history have all said the same thing about this one particular group that will destroy your life if you mildly critique them. If you got kicked out of 109 schools, is it all the schools fault or could it be your behavior.

The Mongo
In the unlikely event this is true, Apple is still a private company. Using their products isn’t a protected right.

“Apple is a private company they can do what they want” is the most NPC take you could possibly have

Seek first the kingdom of God… He will provide all your needs. However, for a company to have that much power is a big wake up call. It can happen to anyone with whom they disagree.

Man made money with the system, felt comfy, tried to f the system, the system responded and now he’s wondering why?



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