If You Have Any Sheeple in the Family Show Them This Video

If You Have Any Sheeple in the Family Show Them This Video

By Andrew Rhodes

If you have any sheeple in the family show them this video


Here’s what others had to say:

Edmund Martens
These guys need the to be in jail charged for crimes against humanity!

Sheila Mclaughlin
They say we are conspiracy theorists that’s only to disguise what they dont want people to know it’s a PLANdemic you heard it now believe it.

Lorna MacMaster
I think at this point the lost sheep are lost forever.. you could hit them right between the eyes with the truth of this being a plan, right from the beginning..and they still wouldn’t wake up.

Jannette Naiken
When peole tell mevthey got the jab because it is free nothing on this earth will convince them otherwise until they loose everything they own/ed then let’s see the fireworks! They just “Don’t Get it” period.

Neil Hart
throughout this ive always said they are arrogent and actually showing use what they are doing but only people with open eyes can see it, if its so unpredictable how can hundreds of us predict there every move months in advance

Connie Estep
And why aren’t every one of these evil people behind bars and being charged with crimes against humanity

Dawn Dansby
They had the vax that’s not a vaccine a long time ago, they just needed an excuse to inject it in e everyone. Hence covid narrative.

Johnny Fleming
well alarms bells went off when they can vax the world and still leave people starve with hunger

Li La
Sadly they have done a good job with their plan .. it worked.

Matt Grenfell
Brilliant plan and obviously implemented. These sick people need to be on trial.

Julia Ashenden
Horrific but not surprising. I’m glad you’ve captured this on file.

Walt I. Butler
When will these folks be tried for crimes against humanity?

Kathleen Mack
The endless booster shots, will be held over your head for decades to come, funny how this set of drugs does not come with any warnings like all others that are advertised on TV. FDA Says It Needs 55 Years to Release Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Data,
European Agency Confirms COVID-19 Vaccine Fatalities
Over 5,200 post deaths reported following COVID-19 vaccination in Europe

Darlene Warner
It does not work! It does not give immunity. YOu still get it and give it. This guy knows it. In 2015 they made the deal about the vax… Glen Beck has copies of the papers.

Jennifer Moore
Yeah and I found ANOTHER ONE today from a report that SOCIAL SERVICES HAD MADE IN 2018 about how the covid virus was going to affect PARENTS in their decisions as to the vaccination or not and also in referencing the FAMILY FIRST ACT BEING DELAYED by most STATES FOR 2 YEARS because of pandemic…that ACT was signed into law on Feb 2 2018…that statement was made as REASON 32 states and 11 Tribes couldn’t implement right away and citing COVID being reason. Covid outbreak wasn’t declared until almost a YEAR later!!!!!! And CHINA INVENTED THE DISEASE and The Cure and HAS OUR FEDERAL CONTRACT FRO MEDICAID AND MEDICARE THROUGH SUBSIDIARY COMPANIES THEY BOUGHT UP and then ASK YOURSELF WTH??!!!! CAN you say PLANNED PANDEMIC AND GLOBAL CONTROL???

Diana Tipper
No responsibility no reliability is all I see a picture tells a thousand stories MURDER and TORTURE. Live ALERT not ALARMED.

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