How $300 Million Cruise Ships Are Demolished

How $300 Million Cruise Ships Are Demolished

By Business Insider

With the decline of the cruise industry, many mainstream cruise lines have been forced to demolish their ships and sell the parts for a profit. But the task of breaking down a 2,000 passenger cruise ship is much more complicated — and dangerous — than it may seem.

Here’s what others had to say:

Joe McWilliams
What is the average salary of the 2500 ship breakers?

August Diaz
So glad we bailed out all these foreign businesses…

John Atkinson
What a wonderful solution to house the homeless situation. What a waste.

Helder Santos
This process is amazing , I hope it works in all the countries that wants to do it
It’s a millionaire industry

Randy Boardman
My first cruise was on the Inspiration in 96. It was only 4 months old and we had a fantastic time. It came into portland 4 years ago for new paint. They opened up it up for dining while it was here.

Ben Hughes
Lol the pandemic? There were ships with smoke on the side!

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