Home Confiscation Hidden Behind the Voice Referendum. A Dire Warning to all Australians Who Own Property or Who Have Parents or Loved Ones Who Own Property. The VOICE Hidden Legislation, One Step Closer Towards Property Confiscations!

Home Confiscation Hidden Behind the Voice Referendum. A Dire Warning to all Australians Who Own Property or Who Have Parents or Loved Ones Who Own Property. The VOICE Hidden Legislation, One Step Closer Towards Property Confiscations!

The VOICE hidden legislation is One Step closer to property confiscations !‼️

I was in disbelief that the lawyer Obama’s tour down under was more than based on speaking engagements given any paid engagement would incur a 30% currency drop on AUD/ USA $ currency converted speaking fees, not the most prudent financial move.

On that premise, I felt any such engagement was a camouflage for political overseeing and as armed with a legal degree and promises of future United Nations leadership. I certainly believe my suspicions were well-founded AND spot on.

The juncture of the VIICE with hidden legislation further confirms the crafty state of play.

Here is a post every person in Australia should absolutely and crucially take on board before voting in the up-and-coming VOICE referendum, the future of the family home may well rely on your vote.

Let me say this, Turnbull hid the legislation behind the SSM referendum which Howard stated “You can not do that to them, it’s illegal” In essence Howard’s warning translated to having citizens sign off on hidden as made unknown contractual changes as presenting CONCEALED clauses.

We all know the repercussions which have transcended the spirit of the SSM referendum as non-disclosed and since going into the hidden behind-the-scenes legislation as into areas of Genderisation, and as giving same-sex minority rulings in a majority of heterosexual environment greater influence, in other words, enabled minority rule.

Democracy Oxford Concise definition = Majority Rules, ask yourself does the majority rule in Australia?

Could this lack of democracy support home confiscations?

Here we evidence the duplicitous Australian government sashaying once again refusing to disclose the legislation behind the VOICE which as it appears goes into property confiscation in line with Schwab’s and his World Economic Forum smiling dictate:
‘You will own nothing and be happy”.

Ask if you would sign any legally binding contract with articles and conditions sight unseen, I believe the entire legal fraternity in this country would advise against such actions.

Does only a fool sign a contract contents unseen supported by the analogy, fools and their monies soon part, or in this instance fools and their assets in the form of properties soon part?

From Suzie Newman, consider her content very, very carefully as follows:

Went to hear Pauline Hanson, Barnaby Joyce, and Alan Jones speak in town on Friday about “The Voice” and what they really aren’t telling us. I’m sure you are all over it anyway. Pretty bloody scary!!

Absolutely, anyone who wasn’t there last night needs to educate themselves.

The government is trying to fool people into believing this up-and-coming referendum on the VOICE is about giving indigenous/ aboriginal people a voice and about equality. It is the opposite.

It will and is creating more division and will give all of us including indigenous people less of a voice and more bureaucracy and corruption.

The truth is that in this model, the corrupt High Court of Australia will become ‘the voice’ making decisions for us all.

The Labor Party government wants Australian citizens to blindly vote yes or no, and they’ll fill us in on what it’s about after the referendum.

That should be ringing alarm bells for starters!

There are likely many agendas involved, but an important one to be aware of is this….(copied)

The Australian Labor Party in promoting its “YES” vote for a voice in parliament to have the Constitution changed by referendum. The Labor Party is not being open and truthful as to the real reason it is conducting this referendum.

“In 1990, Federal Politician Kim Beasley made a statement in response to Senator Button’s question in the Australian Federal Parliament about whether there should be a republic. His reply was:

Kim Beasley Quote: “The United Nations has given the Federal Government a mandate of ownership for housing, farms, property and business to government control once the REPUBLIC has been proclaimed.” (Susan Burdock.)

The comment by Kim Beasley in parliament back in 1990 should be ringing alarm bells.

The United Nations is the NWO in waiting for a one world government.

The current push by the Labor Party for the ‘Voice’ referendum is the single most important part of their plan, which is to include the ‘ORIGINAL’ Men, Women, and children of this Country (Indigenous people) into the Commonwealth Constitution because, at the moment, they have ‘NO CONTRACT’ with the ‘ORIGINAL’ Men, Women and children of this Country.

Because there is ‘No Contract’ with the Indigenous people of Australia, a republic would not be achieved because the ‘ORIGINAL’ Men, Women, and children of this country are the lawful landowners and the government would be unable.

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