He Called Out the Fake News Media!

He Called Out the Fake News Media!

By The Conscious Awakening

The news is a product to be sold. It’s never been about presenting a true reflection of reality, it’s merely there to bend and shape the perception of the individual. That’s the first thing you need to know about mainstream media.


Here’s what others had to say:

Man he’s just one of those guys you’d want to sit at a table with for hours! On point too.

He is worshipped in the child pedo ring

How are people saying he’s a sex offender I’ve never heard anything of the sort

You don’t get where he is in that stinking system without making the Faustian pact. Sell outs the lot of them

Oh I think he has many many snowed, but people are hearing the truth now…… the light always reveals the darkness

My favorite actor! His demeanor is very commanding.

I have always loved this man! Great actor and very smart!

Yes indeed he is rights all day

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