Global Warming C.1901

Global Warming C.1901

By Craig Kelly

121 years ago this week, when the alarmists believe that the climate was ‘’safe’’, the headlines from 3rd July 1901 were;

  • Heat kills 225 in one day in New York City
  • All hospitals are overflowing
  • Morgue also is filled
  • 50 deaths in Philadelphia due to torrid weather

Thankfully, today’s generation is so much safer from such extreme weather than was experienced back in July 1901 – deaths from extreme weather have fallen 98% over the past century.

If we look at our climate history, it should be obvious that nature doesn’t give us a safe climate that we make dangerous.

It’s the exact opposite, nature gives us a highly dangerous climate that we’ve made so much safer by the use of fossil fuels, concrete, steel and glass – the very things the alarmist want to restrict.

The policies of Labor, Liberal, Green and the Teals, by restricting fossil fuels and making energy more expensive for everybody, will not people safer from climate – it will put them at greater risk.

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