Do You Think Government Has Failed on Transparency, Whats Your Judgement?

Do You Think Government Has Failed on Transparency, Whats Your Judgement? 

By Staff Reporter

Send this to all those you think are asleep, especially the ones you love, and challenge them to look. if we don’t get people of the MSM, we won’t have change. You may want add names or edit, but get them to people glued to the MSM in big way now.

Get then off the MSM and big social media ( they censor too much), anD look at below and get more information and make your own judgements. You have to make your own judgement? Do you think government has failed on transparency, what’s your judgement?

If they are being forced to stay at home get them to look at these. whilst the internet is on subscribe newsletter subscribe newsletter subscribe newsletter subscribe newsletter telegram


www.thecovidblogspot Lots on HCQ, Ivermectin and more. Dr Korys site, appeared infront of USA senate many times Robert F Kennedy jr. The defender newsletter.

Home A documentary on lot on vaccines since the USA 198 indemnity idnemnti was signed

Plus search on these people

Dr Peter McCullough
Professor Dolores Cahill,
Dr Sherri Tenpenny,
Dr Scott Atlas
Dr Vernon Coleman,
Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi
Dr Andrew Kaufmann,
Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test
Dr David martin
Dr Thomas Levy,
Del Big tree ( The highwire)
Dr Richard Fleming
RFK Jr. ( Childresn health defense)
Dr Joseph Mercola,
Dr Suzanne Humphries,
Dr Reiner Fuellmich,
Dr Michael Yeadon,
Dr Simone Gold,
Dr Stella Emmanuel,
Leigh Dundas, ‘
Dr Tom Cowan
Dr Christiane Northrup
Dr Rashid Buttar
Dr Andrew Saul (PhD)
Dr Frederick Klenner
Dr Robert Cathcart
Mike Adams
Dr Kory
Dr Paul Marik
Dr Shiva Ayyadurai
Dr. Stephanie Seneff
Senator Rand Paul questioning Dr Fauci and the NIH in the senate,

Cut and paste this and give to as many as you can, if you have judge if any information is useful.

P.S Some legal posts. On the web make up your own minds if you think they have merit?

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