Aaron Lewis Says, “Maybe We Should Listen To What Putin Is Saying”

Aaron Lewis Says, “Maybe We Should Listen To What Putin Is Saying”

By Country Cast

“Am I The Only One” singer, Aaron Lewis, recently performed in Portsmouth, Ohio solo. Aaron Lewis addressed the crowd and went into how he believed Americans are being lied to surrounding the current Russian invasion in Ukraine.

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Love, love, love this man….for many many years! He will always rock 🤘! He will always be one of the songs in my head!! Love you Lewis!! Xoxoxo!!

I absolutely love Aaron Lewis. He is one of my favorite artist. As a matter of fact I traveled to Macon Georgia to see him this past weekend. I believe he is doing this acoustic tour for this very reason. An awesome concert plus almost a rally for lovers of our country!! Thank you Aaron Lewis!!!!! People we need to start speaking up!’

Bonecrusher 1983
True words.
Seems like one of the few who’s not afraid to speak what’s on his mind.

Mike C
You won’t see this content anywhere but Country Cast! Thank you C.C. And thank you Aaron Lewis

Eddie Lee
The independent musicians are beholding to no one , thats why he can say what Americans are saying and thinking …Thank You Aaron !

The fact that he’s so calm while saying this impactful statement just shows how passionate he is about everything, what a patriot.

Kenworth Dreamer
Never have listened to him before, after watching this I am gonna investigate his art the truth is pressing very quickly these days I love it!!!

Doris Kinnick
Question everything. Aaron makes a lot of great points. My heart goes out to the people of Russia and Ukraine.

Craig Cherry
This guy is a great singer and a true patriot! The problem with our government is that there are more people appointed in it than there are elected by the people.

Lg Q70
The ONLY Entertainer who isn’t afraid to speak the truth, even though it can cost him everything he’s worked for all of these years.

James Wilson
I don’t even care for country music that much. But this man makes me want to listen to more country music.
The ppl that are pulling the strings are just puppets of the uber wealthy,ppl that we pee ons have never heard their names.
Im so glad ppl are finally realizing they’ve been dooped.
Good luck,we’re going to need it!

Lilly boldly she whispers
Listen closely to what Aaron is saying.
Just listen again. Before you pass judgement without hearing him out.
It’s a horrible situation.
He’s not lieing to you.

Absolutely everything they are telling us has been a lie! I’m happy to actually see a superstar point it out, instead of selling out like most of Hollywood!

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