7 Unexpected Things That Washed Up on Beaches

7 Unexpected Things That Washed Up on Beaches

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Carmen Lawrie
And I like the part was the shop the shop teeth

Lynn Reichhardt
I have a jar full of sharks teeth I started finding as a kid spending my summers in the Chesapeake Bay.

David Holmes
Why do they put a photo at the beginning of the the concrete building that’s at an angle that’s in old army fort in sheppey coast in Kent ? Hardly washes up ?

Kathy Pouliot
With all the damage tsunamis have done over the last few years, I am amazed that every shore isn’t covered with debris!

Regina Flores Trahan
I’d like to know what that giant animal was at the very beginning. Intro was definitely clickbait.

Mark Houghton
A judge in the UK considered it theft if anything was taken from the containers in the last one. It meant everyone who took stuff had to return it….a lot of people who never returned stuff went to court

Debbie Beckham
Natural disasters also put unusual junk in the oceans

Poly Ghosh
Read unbelievable. It’s true that sea return back everything that floats somehow, whatever it is.

Mark King
Went to Lyme Regis and got loads of stuff from that last clip of the container ship. Mainly brand new electrical goods

Alicia Brimmer
Is that the piece your missing Kyle Paul he at the beach.

Spencer Couturier
When there are Earthquake ‘s , And Sunsmu ,Every Country watch there Beaches and Shore lines. FOR trash ,And clean it up! And stop bitching

Aaron Talmon
Gee that isn’t good luck it’s thievery.

Kathy Gi
Giant pipes big enough for people to walk through, interesting

Carmen Lawrie
Then why is it that I ever seen

Lee Graham
Gulovers travels the lego version.

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