10 Most Chilling Discoveries Made in Brazil

10 Most Chilling Discoveries Made in Brazil

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Juliana de Paula
Ohh, if an American girl took that picture of the beast than it’s definitely true. 🙄
At the beginning of this video all I heard was disinformation and non sense, when I got to the end of the video it sounded just like the beginning.

Jay Hoover
I will never go to Brazil for more reasons I care to text.
Ecuador however is a little country on the Pacific side of S.A. that has the Galapagos Islands. I’ve been there six times and I hope to retire there. Ecuador beaches are beautiful.

Carole Holloway
They need a lesson in geography, been to Machu Picchu and flew over the Nazca lines and they are certainly not in Brazil…..unless the pilot took a wrong turn…

Karthik Murali
The devil in the 1st picture is just my ex having a mud bath,dont mind her

Marly De Barros
Machu Pichu is located in Peru. In the Andes.
Nothing to do with Brazil

Kevin Ogola
Its fun watching inaccurate videos. At least do some research

Hector Zelaya
Machu Picchu is nowhere near Brazil, it’s a completely different country. #Peru

Kunuk Lennert Rosing
Machu Pichu is in Urumbamba Valley in Peru, not Brazil

Patricia Passano
Well very interesting. Never going to Brazil!

María Boetti
Machu Pichu amd Nazca lines are both in Peru not Brazil.

Rosa Wilks
Machupichu and the nazca lines are in peru ! 🇵🇪

Matthias Schlicht
Macchu Picchu and Nazca are located in Peru.

John Craig
It cuts down 30 football fields of forest every hour….

Thomas Gundberg-Madsen
How about tha Nazca lines, not in Brazil either, right ?

Fred Simon
Machu Picchu is in Perù…not in Brazil…
A 15 year old girl, in 2007, so young, is the middle of the Amazon and takes a photo of the horny beast…?

Eleanor Llewelyn
Thank goodness I cannot afford to visit there.

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