What Is the CDC Not Telling the American People?

What Is the CDC Not Telling the American People?

By David Avocado Wolfe

The White House recently cited CDC data analysis claiming that unvaccinated Americans are 17 times more likely to be hospitalized and 20 times more likely to die from COVID, but what is the CDC not telling the American people when it comes to these fraudulent statistics?

The CDC is not telling Americans that unvaccinated Americans also include vaccinated Americans.

How can this be?

On Jan 5th, 2022, Fauci and the CDC changed the criteria for what constitutes an American being identified as vaccinated to a person who has received either 2 Pfizer experimental shots, 2 Moderna/Fauci experimental shots, or 1 Johnson & Johnson experimental shot AND a booster AND having been at least 14 days since the last experimental shot was administered.

Let that sink in.

If you got your shots, but don’t want a booster, then you are now considered unvaccinated just like an American who is vaccine free.

In the US there are now 4 distinct categories of people.

1. Fully Vaccinated & Boosted.

2. Fully Vaccinated & Not Boosted.

3. Partially Vaccinated

4. Vaccine Free

If you fall into category 2, 3, or 4, then you are considered unvaccinated not by science, or logic, but rather by the undeserved authority of the CDC.

This ‘either/or’ fraud creates a dual effect, both deeply injurious to the American people.

1. It fraudulently hyperinflates the number of unvaccinated cases, hospitalizations and deaths making the situation look like it is being driven by vaccine free Americans.

2. It fraudulently deflates the number of vaccine breakthrough cases, hospitalizations, and deaths because now only category 1 Americans can qualify for vaccine breakthrough evaluation if they contract the virus. This is designed to make the failed experimental COVID shots more effective than they are.

Remember that vaccine breakthrough cases increased by over 1.1 million confirmed breakthrough cases from Nov to Dec.

Remember that vaccine breakthrough hospitalizations increased from 56,000 to over 90,000 from Nov to Dec.

Remember that vaccine breakthrough deaths increased from 16,000 to almost 25,000 from Nov to Dec.

All clear signals that the experimental COVID vaccinces have failed to be effective at protecting Americans from harm.

Remember that at least 1 million Americans have been injured by the experimental COVID shots and more than 21,000 have died after becoming part of the largest human experiment in history.

Now couple all of this verifiable information with these 3 final thoughts.

1. New York hospitals have confirmed that 43% of COVID hospital admissions were NOT due to COVID.

2. New Jersey hospitals have confirmed that 49% COVID hospital admissions were NOT due to COVID.

3. The CDC may be including pre-vaccine data in their calculations for vaccine effectiveness and categorizing the people in it as…you guessed it…unvaccinated. That’s right, if the CDC is includung data from 2020 then everyone in that data was unvaccinated.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Do you still think the CDC is telling the truth and trustworthy?

This is another major scandal, major fraud by a federal agency in violation of federal laws and another major act of Willful Misconduct by the CDC.

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