Water Warning: Municipal Water Systems May Be Distribution Vector for Pandemic Toxins

Water Warning: Municipal Water Systems May Be Distribution Vector for Pandemic Toxins

By Health Ranger Report

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Linda Milkes
I have a Big Berkey water filtration system. I would think and hope it will filter out whatever this is.

Texas Arwen
A filter that stops viruses likely won’t let the larger water molecules through, either.
Distilling water won’t get rid of Prion’s (aka Mad Cow Disease/spike proteins). Since we don’t know what is being added to distilled water being sold, so we would have to distill it ourselves, and the Elites have fixed that by making energy cost so much.
How DOES one kill a protein (as in spike protein), since it isn’t living?

John G Williams
I wonder if Serrapeptase would identify the foreign spike proteins and break the chain? I actually had asked a few different doctors’ way back in the beginning of Covid if taking (or giving) a high potency Serrapeptase supplement would help with the mucose filled airways in the lungs.
Most of the Dr’s didn’t even know what it was. I know that it breaks down the protein chains in mucous found in the lungs. I’ve been using it for years during hay fever or cold and flu season. I still haven’t found “real” studies showing if it’s an actual blood enzyme or not, as it’s supposed to also break down scar tissue and other unwanted proteins in the body.

Gene Decode says that MMS will destroy the spike protein. You also need NAC, Quercitin, chelated Zinc, vit C…

Tess W 
Clean the water with 15-20 drops of activated chlorine dioxide per gallon. It will kill spike proteins.

truth seeker
You cannot “kill”a synthetic protein. It alters the DNA to produce more of it. Each and every cell would have to be removed. Not possible. The alteration of your cells is passed on to future generations….if one lives long enough to procreate. This is a forever protein. Many are already showing signs of VAIDS…vaccine acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Also, you take showers in municipal water. Got a water filter on all of your faucets, or on the water intake of your house or apartment??

Cynthia Hilliard
So buying distilled water could be bad sounds like… better to invest in a distilling machine… any brands recommended?..

Yes, I bought a DC House distiller from Amazon. It was $179. Have used it for about 3 weeks. My electric bill did go up about $20. It does a great job. It has a timer, so I just set it for 3:33 at night and in the morning there is a gallon of distilled water. There is just a little bit of water and sediment on the bottom which can be cleaned by white vinegar. I love it. You will just have to get good bottles to store your water in. Distilled water here is not always available (was not on the shelves for 3 weeks.) and it went from 89 cents to $1.40 a gallon. With my Aerogardens I use about 1 – 2 gallons a day between them and myself and my dog. Wow, now I am really glad I have it.

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