Vaxxine Mandates: What the F**k Is Going On in Australia??!

Vaxxine Mandates: What the F**k Is Going On in Australia??!

By Russell Brand

With protests to “draconian” lockdowns, and mandates implemented across multiple industries, we ask, what’s happening in Australia, and is it just a matter of time before these laws become the reality everywhere?


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Imagine living through 2020 and 2021 and believing the government cares about your well-being.

“If you are anti-mandate, you are anti-vax” is like saying “If you are against the abuse of power by police officers, you are against policing”

Adele Spark
It is so relieving to hear that you think this. Our pollies have literally gone crazy. It’s despicable and embarrassing, and has nothing to do with public health and well-being, or the safety of the people.

poison in them waters
“If you’re anti mandate you’re antivax”
Is about as dumb as saying ” if you’re anti- r a p e ,you’re anti s*x”

kirstyl ashworth
Australia should be an example of what not to do during a pandemic. The politicians in Australia seem so controlling. The people are right to belive that politicians don’t care about your health.

Travis Johnson
That Aussie politician acts psycho. Imagine an authoritarian politician like him controlling what medicine you put or don’t want to put into your body or whether you can move about freely. What a clown

I feel like all the sane people from every country in the world should get together and form their own country. I’ll move anywhere with y’all, non-offended, pro-happiness, pro-freedom people.

Fabulously Small
When a grown man turns into a whiny kid who refuses to find/see the middle ground and becomes completely unreasonable I can’t help but think it’s because they’re either vicious or insane. It’s a shame he didn’t finish it by laying on the floor while pounding it. I’ve never been anti-vax. had all my shots my whole life, but didn’t jump for this one for various reasons. To call anyone who is careful about what medical interventions they have and how truly necessary and/or helpful, or who’s not a fan of any kind of mandate* (and even longtime proponents of vaccines aren’t, which should say something) much less medical ones which goes so much further – are anti-vaxxers, even those vaccinated (???) and with the same veracity as you would a hardened, ruthless criminal is just extremely sad. And to me a disgrace to the human race, that should be wáy more evolved than that guy. Thanks for making us laugh about this crazy stupid sh*t Russell, it’s much appreciated and the only way to respond to this continuing madness :D. Take care everyone and especially those who are in those extreme zones like Australia where they have gone full mental with international camps and such, Monique * which still begs the now famous question how little sense it even makes “if my medicine/sunscreen is necessary for your medicine/sunscreen to work etc”

Forever Young
I hope Novak Djokovic will show everyone what is most important freedom and your health.
Novak you are amazing

Hunter Moon
Its scary that Australians are being treated in this way. I think its a warning to how we could be treated anywhere. We need to really take a look at how we are going about things. This feels like one of those sci fi tv shows where the govt locks people down in camps its just like that.

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