Truth the Science: Natural Immunity Is Far Superior

Truth the Science: Natural Immunity Is Far Superior

By Ben Swann

Hospitals and Companies Should be Seeking Out Nurses With Natural Immunity Not Firing Them. This after the best study to date proves once again that natural immunity is far superior to the V@x

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Ann Howard
Totally agree but there is no money to be made. Why does no one on congress or the White House have to be vaccinated? It’s all about money and power. And why is Fauci earning more than the president?
Something smells in DC.

Cherie Ann
Thank you for all you do Ben Swann!! Love and Respect for the GREAT WORK you continue to do. Much appreciated.

Simon Westenra
You blindly say over and over “it is the best study done to date” but as a reporter you should site your sources. Best in what view? You also haven justified them laying off the nurses and other staff who have not had the vaccine. In fact your endorsing them firing them if they dont have an immunity and if they havent been exposed to it. If they get the vaccine they will have been exposed to it, so your comment of firing nurses not vaccinated it contradictory.

Marcia White Gusha
I am a medical professional and have been let go because I have natural immunity and don’t want the jab. 40 years experience and very skilled in my area of expertise. They don’t care. Something very evil is at play here

Cecilia Dawn Muise Crocker
So what is expected, the people to become vaccinated to a virus that we may still catch and pass to others? Vaccinated are less likely to be hospitalized is what I understand. My biggest problem is not unvaccinated or vaccinated, but the fact that I am being told that this pandemic will not be actually be eliminated, such as other vaccinations before the big C word..

Pat Clark Sz
Yes!! But they also should keep everyone who worked throughout this Covid crisis. No mandates.

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