The Truth About Why Are They in Such a Hurry To Jab Everyone

The Truth About Why Are They in Such a Hurry To Jab Everyone

By Anti-Disinformation 

The Truth about Why Are They in Such a Hurry to JAB EVERYONE.


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Rockefeller, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates should all be rounded up tried in a military 3 day tribunal and hung for crimes on humanity.

These people are Satan.
Satan’s time is up.
This is God’s country.
1000 years of life without Satan.
Fight back in the name of God almighty.
You are God’s creation. God gave us all free will.
It is our right to live free.

I have agriculture on both sides of my family. irritates me to no end with our government does. and people have no idea. we’ve been prepping since 2007. so many people are so far behind. heck when everyone was buying paper products I was buying as much meat as I could. and that’s no joke. eyes wide Open always.

There is this over a million deaths worldwide CDC whistle blower stated 45000 in just 3 days in America alone.

Why do you think that Jesus would return to an Evil World. The evil must be crushed before that will occur!!!

Excellent video! I shared it in the comments on a video I made. Where is our military?!?!?!?!

In Australia, they are treating us like animals, rounded up and muffled. We are discouraged to speak with neighbours and told that if we meet friends at the supermarket, not to stall and make conversation. We were once so strong and united and fought for each other and now our corrupt ‘leaders’ have caused a division between us. The vaccinated have become bullies calling the unvaccinated selfish, hoping they will die etc etc. Our ministers are NOT men/women (I know that for sure). Now they are looking at allowing the vaccinated out of lockdown but the unvaccinated cannot go anywhere. No restaurants, no beach, no cinema, no hairdresser, no coffee dates – what next? No doctor, no chemists, no food, no hospital care even for other issues? .They are issuing passports and they have become Pontius Pilate by giving the decision to employers whether they want their staff and clients to be vaccinated if they want to continue to work or enter the premises. Our police force (once respected) have turned gestapo, they will stop you for a run in the park and there are many $5000 fines in place. Yes, Australia has fallen, we have had so many suicides, so many in tears as they accept the injection in order to feed their families. There is fear, confusion, loss of properties, businesses and work, anger, sadness but the push to get ‘vaccinated’ is continuous. For myself, well, I am happy to close my doors and die in my own house when the time comes. I have lost faith in people and their cruelty and in the corrupt satanic leaders not only of our country, but also of the world. Even our Pope has walked away from his flock, instead choosing to follow child murderer ‘Cho Bi Din’ and is in favour of climate change and the NWO. All that is left is to pray.

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