Situation Update, Jan 5, 2022 – Was Omicron Engineered by White Hats as a Self-Spreading Antidote To End the Cov Pandemic?

Situation Update, Jan 5, 2022 – Was Omicron Engineered by White Hats as a Self-Spreading Antidote To End the Cov Pandemic?

By Health Ranger Report

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Calen Light
Rand Paul???? Mike you get some things right, but others way off. Rank Paul has been supporting the vax from the get go and the plandemic hoax as well!

Calen Light
In other words patty breton is a satanic whore from hell!

Mike when you make your ridiculous comments about the WWII Jews its casts a shadow of a doubt on everything you say. Look up Hitler was a Rothschild and Jewish bankers funded Hitler. Try David Irving and Frederich Tobin – Adelaide institute. Nothing happened last cnetury without the money power Luciferians planning……

rachel goodkind
Thanks for sharing. However, you are generalizing about some things. I am LBGT and I am an independent thinker, NOT repub or dem, and NOT a conformist. I do not believe in genocide jabs and believe in health freedom and an honest Government we surely need. Yet some humans have obviously decided to get their poison jabs. It is not a vax, it is an experimental medical procedure where most humans have no idea of the ingredients and effects. Peace.

I was thinking that Politicians were actors too. Most look like C-Listers from Soap Opera’s like Dynasty in the 90’s.
Think of Trump’s story of the Snake. He was talking about himself. What would you expect of him? He’s a Snake.

Jackson Shade
The question is how did they get the whole world to be so receptive to the belief in the pandemic and so willing to take the jab without asking any questions? I don’t know if you’re somewhat familiar with the writings of Jack Heart. He put forth a theory about how we might be witnessing the same thing in humans that we see in animals where a parasite or fungus infects the host and then alters the mind of the host so that it loses it’s instinctual fears and succumbs to it’s predators so that the parasite can then reproduce in the body of the host. We might be witnessing that right now. Perhaps people have been infected with something like the Black Goo from the X-Files. I’ve often wondered if perhaps the chemtrails were actually protecting us from something such as this.

This final theory, this being one of my own, is that PERHAPS the mRNA gene-modification ‘vaccines’ are designed to rectify some sort of horrific problem accidentally unleashed upon the world through the use of GMO crops or GMO tech in general. Could there have been some mishap, mistake, miscalculation, accident or sabotage in the field of GMO research or GMO agriculture which set the stage for some sort of impending disaster to befall the entire planet? Is this GMO ‘vaccine’ their attempt to rectify the situation without having the general population ever become aware of the peril that they’re in? It has long occurred to me that perhaps ‘chemtrails’ are not there to harm us but rather to protect us from something that we are not allowed to know about. This vaccination program might be designed to fill a similar objective, perhaps even the same objective.

Yet, in the end, I still can’t convince myself that these mRNA vaccine campaigns are anything other than depopulation programs, because it all fits so perfectly inline with both the economic collapse which will soon become evident to everyone and it ties in with all of the dystopian plans of the world elites of which we’ve been made so keenly aware over the last 30 years.

According to Melissa redpill the world the 144,000 Wil be the preachers for the 1000 yrs of peace. I notice you have connected with her and adding some of her things onto Brighton. You need to listen to what she reports and then come back and tell us. She’s 100% Trump, gen. Flynn after Lin Wood found him out. Research her Mike and tell me what you think. She says the mark of the beast is joining the satanist. Even after they said the kids shots was lucuferian.

Lynda Rickard Morrison
fyi the 144,000 are Jewish men (virgins) from the 12 tribes of Israel who will proclaim salvation through Christ during the Great Tribulation. Jehovah witnesses think it is 144k of them but that is false.

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