Scrap the Apps! Is It Time To Ditch C0VID QR Codes?

Scrap the Apps! Is It Time To Ditch C0VID QR Codes?

By Pauline Hanson’s Please Explain

Here is a question? How many people do you think are still listening to Queensland Labor’s orders to scan those COVID QR codes before they enter a building or business?

From what I hear many are fed up with the whole system. And with the Palasaczuk government apparently giving up on contact tracing the justifications for continuing this massive electronic tracking of Queensland are few and far between.

Has this now turned into a massive government data collection exercise that businesses are being forced to run on the Government’s behalf?

I think it’s high time any premier pushing the continued use of these COVID QR code tracking systems is forced to “please explain!”

We need to start getting rid of them and getting back to normal.

What do you think? Is it time to scrap the apps?

Here’s what others had to say:

Debbi Tippett
Hell yeah. Get rid of it. I’ve never ever used it and I will NOT comply. If a business carries on about it or asks me to put on a mask, I just give my $ to those that refuse to discriminate. There are more and more businesses ignoring the ‘rules’ and letting us decide

Helen Doherty
Nobody should ever use it. Pauline you’re absolutely right. God bless you

I lost my job after serving ndis participants for four years and was sacked on the spot for maintaining my freedom of choice. I am with you at every point where civil liberties are comprised.
I arrived in OZ under a humanitarian visa because my freedom was under threat overseas, and today, I am facing the same dilemma here where I am supposed to be encouraged to practice freedom in respectful ways. The irony tho.

gandf gandf
Legality of QR codes and the apps? Should not have been done to begin with.

jack cowling
Scrap it all Pauline! As you said it’s just the governments way of controlling in an inhumane way. People are losing their livelihoods and taking their lives due to this scamdemic. You speak the truth and best of all you know what’s good/needed for Australia to be a better nation then it has been. Keep up the good work!

The government should not be tracking its citizens.

Mayor McCheese
Boris is right. A free people can manage their own health risks. We don’t need a nanny constantly watching us.

Bryden Burnett
regardless of COVID an APP like this is a HUGE concern to everyone’s rites/freedom. Especially one fronted by the government

NEEDS TO END. No more mandates. No signing in.. no mandatory vaccines.
Business shouldn’t be a to discriminate on unvaccinated. Unvaccinated nurses, teachers, doctors, police and so on should be able to return to work.

Scot C
I didn’t necessarily agree with it in the first place. With covid on the loose I see no value – tracing not effectively used. I have to book in to gym classes AND also expected to QR, same for dentist, hairdresser, massage therapist etc. agree it isn’t working and from an economic perspective it does put me off . Scan into a shopping centre is one thing BUT every shop forget it. I don’t bother shopping -too much hassle

The gov broke their side of the bargain as soon as they started allowing things happen which weren’t part of the original tracing and notification process. I’m careful about my privacy because I know that these initiatives too often act as the thin edge of the wedge, so no I’m not using them anymore.

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