Say No To Jab Mandates – Pauline Address Huge Crowd in Queensland

Say No To Jab Mandates – Pauline Address Huge Crowd in Queensland

By Pauline Hanson’s Please Explain

I want to say thank you to the organisers of the ONE Redlands – We Stand Together: Jab Mandate Response Meeting for inviting me to speak.

It was a great turnout and seeing so many Queenslanders turn up to support ending these coercive, bullying jab mandates fills you with hope!

The media continues to ignore the huge groundswell of support we are building but if we keep turning up and we keep making our voices heard we will make a difference!

Here’s what others had to say:

em D
Pauline has been consistent, brave and honest… What AUS needs right now.

Allan Sykes
If queensland doesent vote for Pauline they are doomed

Kokot Morrison
This sorts of politics Australia needs, to be called a smart country. She’s got my vote.

John Baggus
This woman is a national treasure, all auzzies must support her

Carolyn Dee
Pauline Hanson is spot on. The only politician who speaks the truth. Thank you for seeing what is really going on. You will get my vote Pauline. Keep up the amazing work! You are doing this Country a great service! Pauline Hanson, you are amazing! This Country needs you. We need more like you

Show me another politician who gets an honest welcome like this.

Lisa Waterhouse
Finally your time to shine!!! All shall be more lies, propoganda and slander. Your strength is inspiring

Tim Sheen
Come on Australians ALL, get behind these few politicians than are actually doing their job and working for us.
Love your work Pauline Hanson.

Dale the human
Well spoken Pauline, you are one of the few who truly represent us, the people!
Thank you

Nina Kus
Wow, we need u and honest ppl like u who care for us ordinary citizens.
God bless u. You are on my prayer list dear Pauline.

Tom Jones
Thanks for everything Ur doing Pauline thanks for having all Australians backs including the aboriginal population thank you for standing up for Australia 🇦🇺

Richard Martin
The handling of this pandemic by the politicians and bureaucrats throughout the world has been appalling. The reality is their utter incompetence and stupidity has caused more harm than the virus could ever come close to causing. I have never really been on-board with Pauline but she is so right about this!

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