Pfizer Whistleblower Claims Vaxxines Glows

Pfizer Whistleblower Claims Vaxxines Glows

By Trump News

Pfizer whistleblower, Melissa Strickler, reveals in an exclusive interview with LifeSite that the experimental vaccine GLOWS because of the toxic chemicals used in these trials.


Here’s what others had to say:

Zane Gilley
What kind of whistleblower from a drug/chemical company says that luciferase and SM-102 are the same thing? This would be false.

Want to know who’s involved in this? look no further than Siouxsie Wiles of New Zealand. owns to companies, Lucy Ferrin Ltd and BrighteNZ Limited. Bioluminesance is one of her specialties.

So most I here think injecting a glow stick Is fine so go for it.. I’d like to see if the Flu Vax or other injections glow as well.. however I’m not getting injected with this crap.. glow or not!

People say So What but it glows inside you at the injection site and that doesnt sound right for anything. Thailand or one of them is developing a machine that detects the glow so people with fake vax cards can be caught. Videos have been around for a while now, both of the blue glow and also magnetism in which spoons and phones stick to your arm. Im not amused by stuff like that.

Don Parker
Good grief, this is pathetic.
As an aside, tonic water glows as she describes but it’s hard to detect in normal lighting. Under a black light eg a bug zapper lamp, the glow is quite apparent.

Proctor Silex
A lot of things fluoresce. So what. I thought the glow was that the gubment made it as a trap.

Konrad Roeder
If it really glowed, it would generate its own light. You could see it without a light source. Eg. a radioactive dial on a watch .. radium or tritium.
But she says it needs light to glow. She probably means it fluoresces. I bet it glows under ultraviolet light, black light or white light that contains ultraviolet spectrum. Many compounds fluoresce . Eg. oil, tonic water, vitamin B, glucose syrup, honey, salt, and the obvious the security strip in currency, highlighter, etc. Compounds don’t have to be toxic to fluoresce. There are many ingredients in the vaccine that fluoresce.

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