Nurses Coming Forward on How the Jab Is Causing Mass Genocide

Nurses Coming Forward on How the Jab Is Causing Mass Genocide

By OP Freedom


More Hospital Nurses coming forward on how the jab is causing mass genocide.

Here’s what others had to say:

Good idea except that Doctors have submitting these events to VAERS but it mysteriously disappears off the website…. this is reported by people who work with VAERS.

And a lot aren’t getting reported. Just as an example, if you’ve seen the videos of those women who were having the constant shakes afterwards, most or all of them weren’t reported.

They arent..and the system won’t accept the report. Some Newbie Dr’s have no idea what VAERS is.

Its too hard. Vaers is designed to be difficult.

VAERs is from CDC. I believe it’s using the Dominion voting software.

From what I have heard from Doctor interviews, The VAERS website is difficult and Very Time Consuming. And let us not forget that Hospitals in the US are mostly privately owned money making machines.

In order to report 1 case it takes 30 minutes. Obviously they don’t want to take the time to do so or as we can see they don’t care.

Because “many” of them, are brainwashed by the system…or just as corrupt and money-hungry as Big pHARMa…simple as that.

System is overwhelmed. Many Hospital Admins are in on the cover up as well and not letting it get reported.

Bill Gates is probably celebrating. He’s a eugenicist eager to reduce world population. Not a ‘philanthropist’ as the media says. He invests and doubles his $ while we are broken and injured.

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