Kim Iversen: What Is Mass Formation Psychosis?

Kim Iversen: What Is Mass Formation Psychosis?


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Here’s what others had to say:

Jill Barnes
Kim seems to know they have hoodwinked the majority and Ryan doesn’t know yet.

Fast Freddy
The guy on the left should be working on CNN!

Chad Embertson
To go to school when you are a child it requires vaccination otherwise you can’t go! This is nothing new.

Mustafa Al Salim
Its official…Kim is the only sane and rational person on this panel.

Nancy Hurren
Seriously? Hocus! You’re talking about some of the most educated and science thoughtful people on the planet. Sorry but how arrogant and uninformed

Nancy Hurren
I believe the term from Mathias originally as I listened to it 6 months ago was hypnosis. It doesn’t mean that people are crazy. I resent your use of the term psychosis as just crazy

Gus Gutridge
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…

Jeannie Callaghan
Wow! Talk about PROJECTION! This is like a skit from SNL!

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