For Everyone Waiting for the Perfect Scientific Paper To Prove Whats in the C0VID Genetic “Vaxxines” or Double Blinded Animal or Human Studies Let Me Just Say— This Isn’t a Court of Law. This Is a War Zone

For Everyone Waiting for the Perfect Scientific Paper To Prove Whats in the C0VID Genetic “Vaxxines” or Double Blinded Animal or Human Studies Let Me Just Say— This Isn’t a Court of Law. This Is a War Zone

By Freedom Doc

For everyone waiting for the perfect scientific paper to prove whats in the Covid genetic “vaccines” or double blinded animal or human studies let me just say— this isnt a court of law. This isnt an academic exercize. This is a war zone. Want to know whats going on? You need to apply military intelligence type of approach. Connect the dots. And there are many. First listen to the perpetrators— eg Fauci emails and numerous whistleblowers. Second look at the easily accessible data. For example- there is a ton of basic science info on GO and there are numerous papers on cationic lipids that should convince normal people that there are serious biologic damages which were not overcome as late as 2018. And those papers predict the problems we are seeing now. Animal studies confirmed risk of ADE and MIS but we want to wait for more evidence before stopping this just on the basis of reasonable caution. Military research such as the nanotechnology program with ARMY/ MIT show you the overt non- classified research which is scary enough. And then the data sets from all over: Dmed ONS and now German and US actuaries showing grossly elevated “All Cause Mortality” figures the likes of which we’ve never seen. Pure and applied science is awesome, and well constructed documented studies are great. But they are not the only source of situational understanding. At some point we need to come to terms with the fact that we and our children are being murdered and depopulation and sterility are going to drastically alter our world. We are already seeing death rates 42% higher than normal ( and this is just ramping up). Deaths among young males are particularly alarming. Still births and infertility being reported all over. Miscarriages estimated at 20x normal.

Wars are named after the fact. WWI wasnt called WWI till WWII was fought and done. We don’t call this the “War against humanity” yet…. We are not just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. We are rowing away in a life boat and— instead of planning our route and survival strategies— we are still talking about whether the deckchairs on the sinking ship behind us need rearranging. Lets concentrate on this:

1. Our military reportedly is 70%+ vaccinated and there have been at least a 10 fold increase in medical visits by troops in 2021, the year of the vaccine, including a 1000% increase in neurological diagnoses and 300% increase cancer. Neither China nor Russia used these technologies on their militaries.

2. All first responders, border patrol, police, firefighters and medical personnel are being vaccinated.

3. If mortality and declining birth rates continue, what does our world look like in 2 or more years with potentially 40-50% fewer people especially affecting the Western World.

4. How will we cope with that demographic shift.?

We should be war gaming the future. Lets look right now at birth rates, see the trend, predict the trajectory. Take action. Prepare for increased disability. Restructure our communities to care for people outside of hospitals which are clearly captured agencies. How can we secure our borders with non traditional means if military readiness significantly reduced? Without firing a shot America is being disarmed and left vulnerable.

We have no more time for the perfect research study that will give us the unified COVID truth— nor for improved deck chair management.

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