Dr Daniel Nagase Something Malicious Is Going On

Dr Daniel Nagase Something Malicious Is Going On

By Australian National Review

“No doctor would take away antibiotics and inhalers for any viral pneumonia, never mind Covid. No doctor would do that for any patient with pneumonia, unless they were…. well I’ll let you think on that. We are remembering Nuremberg after all.

But it gets worse. In my brief day and a half in the small town of Rimbey, I saw 2 patients who has been discharged from Red Deer hospital after being on the Covid ward. They were sent home with nothing, not even an inhaler, These patients were so desperate they ended up in a small town ER desperate for help, and this is just days after being sent home from a tertiary care regional hospital with nothing

There is something malicious going on. I hope you can see the bigger picture. This is more than me being cancelled for the rest of the year. This is more than the medical director Dr. Francois Bellanger of Alberta Health Services banning me from hospital practice in the province of Alberta just a week after giving Ivermectin.

We are here to remember every single doctor, lawyer, medical ethicist. We are here to remember every doctor who stopped patients from having a life saving medication. And what for?? To boost mortality, to create an ICU crisis, to declare a state of emergency across the entire province of Alberta? All to push a vaccine?

We must remember the people of the past, and the people of today. History repeats itself, Nuremberg will happen again. WE must remember.”

“These Covid patients were on Medications, and the only medication they were on was an immune suppressant. One woman who spoke to me said she felt like we just put her in a corner and were waiting for her to die.

All 3 of my Covid patients who had deteriorated wanted Ivermectin. We had to ask Red Deer’s Hospital’s central Pharmacy

Red Deer’s central pharmacist said Ivermectin was useless for Covid. He even had the pharmacy director for all of Alberta contact me to tell me Ivermectin did not work. The pharmacy director for Albert Health Services is Dr. Gerald Lazarenko. Remember that name. He is both a pharmacist, and a doctor, and a professor at the University of Calgary. He insisted to me that Ivermectin had no place in the treatment of Covid. My patients were sick, and we didn’t have all day, so I started my patients on the next best thing, HCQ, which the hospital did have. I also started them on Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and zinc. Because my patients were coughing, I gave them inhalers, the same inhalers that have been used for 50 years, and azithromycin.

I handed Ivermectin to each of my 3 patients in the exact dose required according to their weight, and you’ll never guess what happened next . Within hours of my patients getting Ivermectin, I got a call from the Central Zone medical director in Alberta, Dr. Jennifer Bestard. She told me I was forbidden from giving Ivermectin to patients. I told her she’s never met my patients, she’s never examined them, she’s not their doctor, she has no right to be changing the care of my patients. She has no right to be intervening in the care of patients without their permission. She repeated, Ivermectin is forbidden from the hospital, even if patients have their own Ivermectin. She said it was a violation of Alberta Health Services policy to use Ivermectin to treat Covid. But that wasn’t good enough. The next day she called the hospital and gave me 15 minutes notice that I would be relieved of my medical duties.”

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