Child Sacrifice and Trafficking in Holland an Eyewitness Speaks Out Introduction)

Child Sacrifice and Trafficking in Holland an Eyewitness Speaks Out Introduction

By European Times

During Kevin Annett’s visit with us here at Freedom Central, we have been contacted by several people with some very interesting stories.

Meet Toos of the Family Nijenhuis, a very brave woman who came to meet Kevin Annett at the event Freedom Central hosted for him. Following of from the disclosure of some very sad but important facts, we immediately arranged for an interview with Toos.

This is an introductory clip of the story. There is almost 3 hours of recorded testimony that will be released shortly as part of the initiative being put in place by ITCCS Holland.

This is truly the most difficult interview we have ever conducted, and Freedom Central was very grateful for Kevin Annett’s help in interviewing this very important witness.

Here’s what others had to say:

not only is this woman brave… so is this man and interviewer… prayers for all the victims shedding light on these horrors… and may the perpetrators be extinguished off this planet now…. in the name of Jesus Christ and Pure Source Love ….

Ivica Manovic
Lady you are one hell of a brave woman, may God bless you and your family. Greetings from Australia P.S I am not surprised at all, my gut tells me its much worse that this, and its more wide spread but people just don’t know about it. Also knowing about it is one thing proving it and bring the worlds elite to justice is another issue.

Peter Sklivas
I cannot imagine a more courage act than this woman’s testimony. Since English is not her native language, subtitles would heighten the impact of this significant video.

A credible witness. It think her twitches were the result of a psychological break. God bless and protect her for her courage.

Conscious Love
What a Warrior- thank you!!!!! Thank you to all of the warriors. I am praying for you and hope that Jesus Christ can heal you further in this life. satan has always been alive and well in the catholic church. WAKE UP PEOPLE.

What a brave women.

Matthew Blanc
I will pray for you that god takes your pain away. in love

Angie Westall
theres a much longer version of this here on youtube, its so sick and disturbing I had nightmares-i dont know how she survived but its so brave of her to speak out -there are 1000s of these monsters

Orginal Source

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