After the Vaxxines Were Available to Everyone, Did You Lose an Unvaxxinated Loved One to BS-19?

After the Vaxxines Were Available to Everyone, Did You Lose an Unvaxxinated Loved One to BS-19?

By WXYZ-TV Channel 7

After the vaccines were available to everyone, did you lose an unvaccinated loved one to COVID-19? If you’re willing to share your family’s story, please DM us your contact information. We may reach out for a story we’re working on.

Here’s what others had to say:

Spike Cohen
This wasn’t the response you expected, I suspect.

Liz Lemery Joy
Will you be doing any stories of the people that overcame Covid and have antibodies? Will you be doing any stories on the thousands that also have debilitating side effects from the vaccine? Curious if you will be balanced journalists and media or not- but guessing NO!

Lani Rose
My son’s classmate lost her mother from heart complications due to the vaccine.

Sarah Prout
No matter what your perspective is, strengthen and take care of your health and your immune system. I’d like to see a story about the most powerful ways to stay healthy. Not just one steady stream of fear.

Carmen Marie
No we were all fine but almost lost one of my vaccinated family members!

Adam Lee Marcus
I know people who died painfully from the vaccine. Want those stories?

Katie Jeroudi
A friend of a parent went into cardiac arrest almost immediately after receiving second dose. They were unableto revive her.
I alsoknow of someone who lost a limb due to a blood clot/circulation issue after being fully vaccinated.
Hm. From the looks of the comments, you might want to change your story topic.

Kirsten Witt
I know someone who was FULLY Vaccinated and always wore their mask; they were recently in ICU and passed away.

Justin Barclay
Losing anyone is hard. I absolutely feel for each of these folks. Just curious, when is the story coming about those who lost loved one’s who were fully jabbed?

Noelle O’Foster
My dad flatlined after his second dose of Moderna.

Jessica Eluskie
What about those vaccinated love ones that were lost. Not mention there was no guarantee anyone who wasn’t vaccinated would have survived if vaccinated, is there.

Becky Lynn
How about report more on the survivability and maybe tell some of the thousands of vx injured peoples stories.

Alyssa Kalman Mazzola
I just came here to say these comments are giving me hope.

Courtney Fritts
I’m so proud of these comments!! United we stand!

Bianca Gorgis
How about we hear the stories of people who are vaccinated and lost their lives?!

Ashley Salazar
The unvaxxed are still alive and thriving.

Lindsey Partridge
It’s about 4 weeks after the 2nd shot for me…. I have chest pain all the time…. im terrified I’m going to drop dead of a heart attack (especially after reading the comments). I wish I never got my 2nd dose.
I’ve gone for an echocardiogram and have bloodwork later today to try and figure out my heart. I’m a very healthy professional athlete and registered nurse, 35 yr old.
I had Moderna x2.

Ruthy Mauriala Horner
Errrr…can you say, “out of touch with reality”? Awesome comments on this thread. Keep speaking truth, America!!!!

Mattelyn Cassels Chatham
I am a Physical Therapist with almost 30 years’ experience. In the nursing home /rehab where I work, we have had a higher number of residents with the shot than without the shot to contract the delta variant. 100% of those cov-positive residents without the shot have experienced anywhere from light cold-like symptoms to pneumonia requiring either no hospitalization to 3 days, none requiring ICU, and are all now asymptotic. 100% of those cov-positive residents who took the shots have died in a manner similar to that which we saw during the original onset last year. We had no known delta variant in our building until the shots started. The residents had it first and have spread to a handful of employees who provide hands-on care. Our latest cov-positive is 57 years old who took the second shot, immediately had falls, fractures, surgeries, and strokes. Previously, patient lived at home alone and was totally independent.

Shanna Kirk
We lost 10 vaccinated friends and family members in the past two weeks. 5 of those were Police officers and firefighters.

Andrea Gentry
Or let’s talk about how an unvaccinated man named Joe Rogan recovered from Covid in 3 days.

Andrea Ashton
My uncle suffered a stroke due to blood clots and complications days after his second chot. Would you please do a story about all these reactions?

Ulf-Vegard Haldorson Haukenes
I love the comments I am seeing. There is hope for humanity.

Bridget Reavis
This headline took a ironic spin didn’t it? Your narrative brought fourth more truth than you wanted to reveal!! Thank you for your post.

Abby Fredericksen
Crazy that most of the comments here are the polar opposite of what WXYZ-TV Channel 7 was looking for to fuel more fear into the public. Why don’t you report what is ACTUALLY happening?!

Catherine Nutcher
Once again I am seeing another comment section that is restoring my hope in humanity. Carry on!

Sarah Schulz
Well. This post backfired on the agenda hard now didn’t it. I’m so glad to see the silent majority coming out. It’s about time.

Melanie Ciavola Brown
Lost a dear friend and a neighbor after the second doses. Both brain bleeds, both mid 50”s.

Katie Loeffler
I know so many people who have had covid, including my household. I only know 1 person who needed to go to the hospital. I do not know of anyone who has passed (I know people have, I just don’t know anyone personally).
I however DO know 8 people at this point who have been injured by the vaccines… including my father-in-law who ended up having a mysterious brain bleed!!

Teresa Havelka
My dad got Covid from a visiting pastor. He gave it to me, and my brother. I gave it to my husband. My dad’s PCP convinced him to go take the antibody infusion to help ease his symptoms. Just 3 hours later he was having seizures and was hospitalized. The doctor released him on Mother’s Day. He was taken by ambulance back to the hospital Tuesday morning and he died Thursday evening…May 13th. Covid did not kill my dad. The treatment did.

Presley De’Shae Pierce
I am unvaccinated and just tested positive for Covid. Literally this past Wednesday. The first day I had a fever and felt awful, in less than 24 hours I was up washing clothes, sweeping, mopping and all that good stuff. Granted I wasn’t 100% and still ain’t completely but it’s been like having a headcold. I am not the healthiest person either. Imma be honest. I have been blessed and my kids. We are quarantining but so far we’re doing very well with it.

Lisa Neumann
It looks like you have something to investigate. Now let’s see if journalism standards still exist.

Lori Rosamond Voorheese
WXYZ-TV Channel 7 I noticed you aren’t replying to any of these comments…you want to really gain some watchers and followers… then bust this thing wide open and report on all of these people who’ve lost their loved ones to the vaccine !!

Sheri Ofiara
I know several people injured or who passed after the vaccine but not from Covid itself. I would love to share those stories but they are getting censored.

Julie Carben
My aunts mom got the vaccine and within 3 weeks she was dead. How about we share the truth. What has happened to journalism, like true journalism. How about report facts instead of just one side you want people to believe?!

Alison Midgley
I don’t know anyone who has been ill or died from COVID. However, my friends mum is currently in a coma, due to a bleed at the base of her brain… After her jabs. Another friends mum is receiving treatment for a heart attack, after her jabs, another friend had a heart attack and is, luckily, slowly recovering, after his jabs. THE TRUTH WILL OUT

Amy Andrews
How about are the stories of those who died after being vaccinated, or dying because they got vaccinated!! Think those are more important!!! Media needs to stop being biased and report on all of it !!

Alice Gore Fraley
Husband diagnosed with Vestibular Neuritis after Covid shot. I am more than willing to share his story.

Danielle Jullette
Would you like to share the story of my husband who developed heart arrhythmia after getting the vaccine? Or how I developed reproductive system issues just being around him right after he was vax’d?
Will we ever go back to reporting the news instead of furthering an agenda?

Dennis Kunz
Had a family member get every symptom of COVID 2 days after the second dose. They where hospitalized had to have major surgery to remove the fluid around her lungs. We believe the vaccine directly led to this.

Randi Hendrickson
Don’t personally know anyone (vaxxed or not) who has lost their life to covid, but lost multiple loved ones to suicide due to social isolation/job loss during the pandemic lockdowns & have friends, family and clients who have suffered severe injury after the vaccine. (Heart attacks, full body rashes, sickness leading to hospitalization, stroke etc.)

Audrey Ireland-Rodgers
I should start counting all the screen shots I’m taking of my fully vaccinated friends sharing stories of getting severe breakthrough covid cases.

Riette Sinclair
My parent’s neighbor woke up the next morning after the shot suddenly completely deaf. His doctor told him it’s from the vaccine and if his hearing didn’t return within a few weeks he will be permanently deaf. He is now permanently deaf.
Our rabbi’s mentor (a very prestigious rabbi) was recovering from covid in a rehab facility. He was doing well, walking and about to be discharged home. The facility forced him to take the vaccine because it became their policy, even though he refused. He immediately developed paralysis in one arm. They then forced the second shot on him, he refused again, but the facility insisted. After the 2nd shot he developed complete, progressive paralysis and died.
Why do we not see these stories in the news? Why are journalists silent on the thousands of vaccine injuries leading to permanent disability and death? What happened to honest journalism? Please report these stories in the news!

Ashley Elizabeth Orcutt
No but I’ve lost SEVERAL loved ones to hospital negligence because of hospitals being short-staffed and tyrannical hospital policies. Also one of them died alone because his wife wasn’t allowed to visit him.
*I also know three people who killed themselves.

Kerry Kendall
Yes! I lost my 81-year old neighbor to COVID in March—she was the sole caregiver of her husband who had Alzheimers. He got it as well but survived and was released from the hospital. His children had to put him in assisted living.
Oh wait, ignore everything I just said—you specified that you wanted only *unvaccinated* stories. My bad.

WarrenandSue Jantz
People I know or friends or friends- strokes, Guillian – Barre Syndrome, one death that I know of, severe liver problems. I heard one nurse testify with her voiced changed for fear of reprisal there were more people in her unit with vaccine injuries than Covid cases. Anyone else hear that?

Salena Samander
No, we’re losing people to vaccine effects though 🙄 covid was less than a flu for everyone I know who has had it- myself included.

Julie Skurnowicz
Wow. How about writing about the firestorm you just created by asking that question. I’m seeing a lot of vaccine injury posts from people who deserve to be heard. I bet you infinite amounts of money that you won’t see one word about this. Reporters are just pharma shills.

Noel E Chaney
I just lost a dear friend yesterday who was really my “other mom” to Covid. She was fully vaxxed. I also know personally a few others who were vaxxed and later hospitalized with covid. Wth are you guys reporting over there, Channel 7??

Kristen Holt Patterson
I know a family member with both doses who still ended up in the hospital with Covid.
Then there’s my mom, someone already on blood thinners for clots, given the jabs, which have a known risk for clots. She had a massive stroke, while on blood thinners, as well as continuing bleeding on the brain.

Grace Katie
I have a friend who got the Covid vaxx, and less than 24 hours later her leg swelled so bad that it tore the miniscus on both sides of her knee. She couldn’t walk for months.

Dan Astin-Gregory
WXYZ-TV Channel 7 why not do something meaningful and share one of these stories and start to ask what’s really going on.
It’s a MUCH bigger story.

RJ Stoddard
No, but my niece’s boyfriend died after he took the second dose of the vaccine. They found him in his apartment dead at 32 years old.

Erin Rogers
Or how about have you lost someone vaccinated? Directing a narrative much?

Dara Weaver
Or how about the story of the 18 year old boy down the road who had a heart attack within 24 hours of his first sh0t?

Amanda Cross Parsons
Hey Channel 7, be a leader in journalism and start reporting what’s really happening…or can’t you report the truth?

Michelle McManus Perrine
No, but vaccinated friends lost their pregnancies as a result of their covid shots.

Elizabeth Renea Licht
I love this. Wake up people. This right here is what you should see. The comments. This is just a drop in the bucket of v injuries! Be loud. The other side is louder.

Julia Garza
How about stop trying to divide the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Just because someone’s medical choice does not fit into your personal agenda does not mean their life means less than your own.

Stevie Ferlaino
How about a story on natural immunity. How about that.

Ainsley Grey
A close friend for over 30 years, just lost a family member two days ago, who was fully vaccinated. Want her contact info? She would LOVE to share their experience with the vaccine, the hospital staff, and the outspoken fools who think they know better.

David Kolowski
WXYZ-TV Channel 7 – looks like you got plenty to make a story with, just not the angle you had hoped for. Let’s see if you have any journalistic integrity to ask the tough questions that make your sponsors squirm.

Richard Haines
Sadly they never came fast enough , I had a friend that was uncircumcised……sadly he died in a train accident……if only he was vaccinated

Kyle Howarth
Funny how these comments show ALOT more side effects and deaths from the vaccine than VAERS shows 🤔 either shady business or people need to report to VAERS. I’m sure both have to do with it. We need the truth to come out NOW

Kristen McKee
I was 27 weeks pregnant, “treated” with Tylenol and have 23 other family members who also didn’t get the vaccine that came down with COVID and are now doing very well. Why don’t you do a story on that?!

Ashley Lawley
My husband got Covid, it was like a bad flu, and he was nearly all better in a week. My kids and I didn’t quarantine from him, we didn’t get it. Maybe we got lucky, but we should be able to choose which risk we take and not be forced into a risky vaccine!

Amanda LaFollette
Pfizer vaccine, fighting for my life since, destroying my blood.

Kelsey Cotter
My father in law had the covid vax then had a stroke and died. They ruled out all the normal stroke causes. It was the vaccine and my husband will be reporting it to VAERS. Do a report on that!

Felicia Aquilo
My grandpa is currently in the ICU fighting for his life, prisoner in his own body, after a Gullian-Barré diagnosis FROM THE VACCINE.

Chery Belen
How about if we know friends and family that had Covid 19 even though they had both doses of the vaccine? A fully vaccinated friend got it from a fully vaccinated family member, a co-worker’s 14 year old relative had a heart attack after his second dose. Interested in those stories? Let me know

Paige Wilson-Parks
I have a friend that dies after receiving the Pfizer. Went to the Er with unexplained tremors the day after. They got the tremors to stop and released him. He died the next day.

Noah Bishop
I’m willing to share my story. Once upon a time I had rights……the end.

Jamie Davin
My daughters teacher had immediate severe reaction (within the 15min observation period) after the first dose. She was diagnosed with Guillan Barre syndrome and now has to use a wheelchair. How about a story on vaccine reactions?

Naomi Alexander
Please say a prayer for me as I am not feeling well. I refuse to get vaccinated and will not get a COVID test. I will fight whatever with faith and prayers. Thank you!
I am sorry for everyone’s loss. I hate that we are being lied to. Losing a loved one is terrible especially when we have naturally fought viruses for years!

Tami Mitchell Spears
My co-worker lost her husband after the second vaccine… She got up and thought he had fallen asleep in his recliner, after a few minutes went back in and check on him again, he had passed. It was a few days after the second vaccine, she told me she is positive that it was what killed him.

Meg Caprice
What if you did a story on the origins of this virus and why our government is so hush hush on the matter.

Elisha Lynn
So glad people are sharing their stories and not giving into the MSM fear mongering !

Lena Sum
I’m having so much fun reading comments. I don’t even folllow the channel but can tell you are deserving every single one of them. Go against people? Become obsolete. Sponsors will drop you soon either way. Enjoy your agony.

Zach Whitsel
I had to go pick up a friend of mine a few weeks ago. After getting the vaccine, he had such an inflammatory reaction that he could hardly walk. An ambulance had taken him to his local hospital where doctors refused to document it or do blood work. I had to take him to a chiropractor who was able to get the toxins to move and ease his symptoms. My vaccinated family is still hiding and scared, that’s how much confidence they have in the shot because of vaccinated friends who have died.

Laura Honea
A friend of mine got the shot… lost her leg to a mysterious flesh eating bacteria, but had no open sores. It’s started on the inside after only the first shot. Shortly after she died. She had to have blood transfusions, and suddenly had cancer that wasn’t there before the shot. She died only a couple days after they found the cancer. She only lived 3 months after getting the shot

Amy Sciarabba Martin
I lost a loved one shortly after receiving the vaccine. I can talk to you about that.

Elisabetta Caporuscio
Nope. But I lost friends who were vaccinated. And bc of the shots. Please study that….

Cindy Papp
A friend of ours landed in the hospital with arm pain then loss of use after his 2nd shot then he was diagnosed with brain injury and has maybe 6 months to live. He’s 35 years old.

Kyle Mackender
I only know one person who has died from covid and he was vaccinated.

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