72,000 Nurses and Healthcare Workers Fired Over Vaxx Mandate

72,000 Nurses and Healthcare Workers Fired Over Vaxx Mandate

By Ben Swann

New York has now imposed its vaccine mandates on nurses and all health care workers… which means about 72,000 healthcare workers will be fired from their jobs as the new Governor has just announced that the National Guard will have to work in hospitals instead.

Here’s what others had to say:

Judy Schneider
This is so sickening! They are causing their shortage..making it worse!Impeach her get her out of office!

Louis Romano
The vaccinated healthcare workers need to walk off the job in solidarity with their non-vaccinated counterparts. Americans need to stand up to these dictators.

Monica Walker
This is GREAT! A few more big hospitals all over the country do this and PRESTO, the mandates will be over!

Brigitte Bourgeois
Where do they think those 72, 000 health care professionals are going to live, and shop? They’re not going to suddenly disappear! So they will still be ‘spreading ‘ the ‘c’.. AND if 72,000 health care professionals are choosing NOT to be ‘vd’– they must know something pretty darn important to be willing to lose their careers!!! The motto FIRST DO NO HARM, means that much to them! May God bless them and turn things around very soon!!!!

Sandy Schneider
No vaccines for immigrants but fire front line workers? Well…as an RM, it is my hope that Congress, senate and all government officials are the first to need health care with no special privileges.

Darren Carrigan
I have one question why don’t they want to get vaccinated what do they know that we don’t know that’s my question. Maybe somebody should be asking them hint hint the media or maybe even the president of the United States

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