Why Shouldn’t We Talk About the Rothschilds Family and Their Undue Influence Upon the Planet?

Why Shouldn’t We Talk About the Rothschilds Family and Their Undue Influence Upon the Planet?

By European News

Why shouldn’t we talk about the Rothschilds family and their undue influence upon the planet – it’s time for the world to have an adult conversation about them and their immense wealth and the atrocities they have and are behind. Or should we just let them and other criminal elite continue to in the words or JFK “operate in the shadows of our society”?

Here’s what others had to say: 

Andy Zed
When you own half the world and not by honest hard work, then perhaps they don’t want us common folk to understand their agenda, history and influence.

Roslyn Tycehurst
Good on you Mel he’s been outing the evil of Hollywood for a very long time and now this, hope he lives through it 👏 there have been others who were removed before their movie got released

Dee Dee
Anyone else feel like they are in a nightmare waiting to wake up ?

Robin-Elena Abboud
The Rothschilds are at the very root of Evil.

Noreen Williams
Mel Gibson spoke out about Hellyweird decades ago. He was made out to be a nut case and black listed. I can’t believe he’s still alive.

Trevor Aslin
If Apocalypto is anything to go by, this will be epic 👌🏼

Merv Smith
About time we got someone to report what I really happening go Jamie.

Ruth Peltier
I hope that he doesn’t get Killaried. Stay safe Mel.

Dana Janjic
Another “he committed suicide” story coming right up…

Matt Camenzuli
These people can kill anyone (cough cough jfk) and get away with it…Mel might want to hire more security.

Katie Katica Gavran Govic
Does anyone know the name of the film?

Sam McIntyre
How long until he’s found dead with an ‘overdose’ 😂

Reina Lia
Comments of mine seem to vanish… hopefully this one stays up. Mel is protected by Jesus and the angels and his common sense and understanding of how evil is working will help shield him.

Enrico Dall’acqua
Can’t wait 😊 he loves controversy especially with the last movie about the passion of Christ every Non Christian on the planet was buzzing over it

Annette Jensen
What do you make of this though? Was he one of them then turned ?


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