The Key To Grow Business Revenues Is Create Selling Opportunities More Often

The Key To Grow Business Revenues Is Create Selling Opportunities More Often

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

The key to growing business revenues is to create multiple ongoing selling opportunities more often ( increase the lifetime value of a customer) – and if you make billions, then invest back into getting media and politicians on your side to sell for you – and sell to Goverments and push for them to mandate its own citizens to take your dodgy untested, unproven, unnecessary, ineffective, dangerous and deadly insane drugs disguised as a Bs19 jab.

Eventually, you’ll be so large of a company or industry you can work with key partners to take over the world and demand Governments mandate your products or else.

Making billions by killing millions.

A very powerful sales and marketing strategy –
Conspired daily to occur and boost sales

I did warn about the fraud of this industry in my Book I wrote in 2016 l, “The Great Vaccine Con”, with the help of brave Doctors, and Scientists, who were whistleblowers for this industry.

Australian National Review

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I’ve studied the fraud of this industry for 8 years now. Before that, I was a poor silly, hapless, gullible, naive, and misled pro vaxxer. (I know – embarrassing now to admit it).

Thank god for the brave Doctors and Scientists who risked their careers and lives to become whistleblowers, who alerted the Australian National Review in 2013 of this fraud.
Otherwise, I’d be lining up for a jab to like many of the gullible still are.


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Donna Bowen
People here need to realise if they aren’t prepared to get jabbed whenever the government tells them for the rest of their life, then what is the point of getting the first two. If you say after 3 well that’s it I have had enough, then you go back to the end of the line and will have the same discriminations on you as unjabbed. Wake up and stop feeding this monster.

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