The Covid Game is Permanent

The Covid Game is Permanent

By Jamie McIntyre

As their intention is permanent – the Great Reset Totalitarian globalist agenda- the resistance must start rapidly growing and uniting groups and setting our agenda and how we are going to implement at all levels of society including the removal of our failed governments that no longer represent us.

Here’s what others had to say:

How the hell do we fight back from this

We know this. But what’s the solution

We must overthrow Uk government by force, we have no choice it’s clear! Fight or die people

Govern ourselves be no choice when the system collapses after the body drop.

Got to get the momentum to get a change to the Constitution of the Australian Commonwealth

I want to fight!!! I’m in America

Yes!!!!! It’s bloody time to boot them out and hold them accountable

Time to get rid of the evil and the brainless. The brainless are just getting in the way now. They obviously don’t mind being collateral damage so why should we care now. If this is harsh so be it I’m done being nice. To many people lives are being ruined now.

All I hear is that this is inevitable which it isn’t. Does anyone ever offer solutions?

YouTube is plugging adverts to protect everyone by taking the v.

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