SOS Message to Other Countries To Call Out Our Govt

SOS Message to Other Countries To Call Out Our Govt

Instagram Post By Jamie McIntyre

The Australian Government appears to be under Globalists control, and shooting innocent protesters ,and bashing innocent bystanders in the street.

We have the evidence Melbourne was a Rockefeller chosen city, and they have inserted violent , aggressive mercenary thugs disguised as Police inside the Victorian Police force and they are shooting innocent Australians

Check up resilient smart cities as many cities around the world the desperate Rockefeller’s and other stake holders have installed such globalised and privatised police and soldiers inside the local police forces .

Australia is suffering a Foreign take over and we are unarmed and urgently require intervention.

Our reporters are being threatened and we are being censored everywhere but despite that people are deserting mainstream media who are now the enemies of the people and in partnership with the Globalists.

Australian National Review

Here’s what others had to say:

👏👏👏well said Jamie you are a Hero ❤️

Bless you Jamie, stay safe❤️🆘️

We need to claim our SOVEREIGNTY!!

Thank you for raising the alarm!

👏great work to bring attention to this incredible serious and volatile issue

Well said Jamie police should be protecting us🙌

How do we jet out if this 💩????

Keepnthe faith lets continue to pray🙏❤

The khazarians did a deal with CCP, in exchange for their own safety they handed over control of Aus, NZ and Japan. That’s why all 3 are now under communist rule so suddenly. Sorry but we are fucked and no other country will help us.

They have removed a lot of the info.. even from DDG are any other AUS cities on the list?

Thanks so much Jamie!

Yes I kept telling people in Australia about it but they were not hearing my cry

When America rise that’s when the damage to the cabal will start. Rest of the world will follow suit.

Solutions . Enough talk . Action plan anything . Otherwise is just a post on Instagram

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