Solutions to stopping the New World Order

Solutions to stopping the New World Order.

By Jamie McIntyre

Independent news media is one of the biggest weapons we have to fight back and destroy the false Bs19 Globalists narrative – Awareness is always the first step to change – the great awakening verse the Great Reset – choose to awaken others otherwise the Globalists will win – Australian National Review will now even offer to pay you to help spread our message – we need to create massive awareness to defend against the Globalists coup.

Cryptocurrency is also another weapon we have to create such wealth . Either the good people get the money and be a force for good or those with greedy agendas have the money.


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Old Billy doing a good job of dimming the sun here in Victoria.


Thank you so much Jamie. You have gotten me through some tough times over the past year. Thank you for your honesty and throwing in your “Mother Fucken” words every now and again.
The light will win 🙌🏽💙

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