Situation Update, Mar 2, 2023 – World War Grows Closer By the Day – Feat. Former UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter

Situation Update, Mar 2, 2023 – World War Grows Closer By the Day – Feat. Former UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter

By Health Ranger Report

0:00 Intro

7:15 Interesting News

26:28 Dioxins

41:26 Interview with Scott Ritter

1:44:55 Prep With Mike

– Full interview with Scott Ritter about Ukraine, Russia, Nord Stream and NATO

– Details on Russia’s nuclear missile systems and hyperglide re-entry vehicles

– Blackrock to acquire, giving them ownership over all your DNA

– Six signs your neighbor will become a LOOTER when SHTF

– Uponor (ProPex / expansion fitting) plumbing repair demonstration

– Ohio group issues list of DEMANDS from Norfold Southern train wreck catastrophe

– EPA declares it REFUSES to test for #dioxin contamination

– The EPA is waging a chemical WAR against the American people while protecting corporate profits

– Every federal agency – EPA, USDA, FDA, ATF, etc. – is actively working to destroy the people

– Prepare to survive an off-grid / grid down scenario

Here’s what others had to say:

Why is Propylene Glycol used in foods? It’s antifreeze people…. They are feeding us antifreeze…

Albert J
Prayers for the East Palestiners, clean up crews are getting sick from Agent Orange. America’s Chernobyl. Meanwhile, they are trucking Agent Orange dirt and water all over the country on highways through towns…

Leland Jossy
We don’t need to know what the base levels were. We need to know what the levels are now. We can compare that with the national average and see if it is possibly 5 million times higher or something.

Comparing Biden to a snake is an insult to snakes.

It is outrageous that the EPA is refusing to analyze for dioxin.

Per the video, there is no excuse for the EPS NOT to test for dioxins. Saying the reason why is because they have no baseline is bullshit. According to that logic, they can refuse to test any disaster and just claim they didn’t already have a baseline of the area. Tells me they know it’s bad, because testing would reveal how bad it is.

John Wong and the Greatest Dep
Unprepared neighbors – the examples you gave summed up my neighbor exactly. Not surprisingly, she is the former liberal mayor of my town…

Albert J
Happy Texas Independence Day! LGbT+, Let’s Go Branden Texas, plus any other States that want to nullify the Biden 4th Reich’s unConstitutional anti American policies.

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